Ju Jingyi’s Hairstyle in “Rebirth For You” Sparks Discussion Among Netizens

Ju Jingyi (鞠婧祎) and Joseph Zeng Shunxi’s (曾舜晞) series, “Rebirth For You” (嘉南传), is currently airing. However, in recent episodes, netizens were a bit alarmed by Ju Jingyi’s hairstyle in a certain scene.

On November 8, “Rebirth For You” aired up til episode 28. A netizen sparked a discussion when they noticed Ju Jingyi’s hairstyle in a certain scene that made it seemed like she was balding as she was missing a patch of hair behind her ear.

Some netizens explained that its normal not to have hair behind the ear. They also explained that the same is happening for the other actresses in the series. Some also offered the explanation that their hair were pulled back too tight.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)

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