Former “Youth With You 2” Trainee, Flora Dai Yanni, Denies Dating Rumors with Actor, Zhang Yijie

On November 13, former “Youth With You 2” trainee, Flora Dai Yanni (戴燕妮), was trending for dating rumors with actor, Zhang Yijie (张逸杰). Paparazzi released footage of Flora Dai and what looked to be Zhang Yijie dining with friends. They were all seen going to play a murder mystery game later on. After it ended, they were reportedly seen driving back to Zhang Yijie’s neighborhood. They claim Flora Dai was seen leaving Zhang Yijie’s neighborhood by herself the next day in a new set of clothes.

Flora Dai and Zhang Yijie previously worked together on the series, “Dear Parents” (亲爱的爸妈).

Later that day, Flora Dai’s studio issued a statement denying the rumors. They said, “Just a bunch of friends who met up to play a murder mystery game and had a meal together. After it ended, everyone returned back to their own home. Had no intentions of taking up public resources. Hope everyone can pay attention to the works.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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