Roxanne Tong Doesn’t Rule Out Proposing to Kenneth Ma

Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) is busy filming for her new series with Ruco Chan and Mandy Wong. She previously mentioned she didn’t have time to go dating. However, she was able to take some time out to watch Hubert Wu’s (胡鴻鈞) first concert on November 26 with boyfriend, Kenneth Ma (馬國明).

On November 27, Roxanne Tong attended an event and told the media that she and Kenneth Ma both had just finished filming to rush to watch the concert. Roxanne Tong said she doesn’t think it was necessary for couples to see each other every day. She said there were a lot of ways to maintain their feelings and the most important thing is they both understand each other. Roxanne Tong also praised Kenneth Ma for being responsible.

As for the countless marriage rumors, the media asked once again on their wedding date. Roxanne Tong expressed, “No matter what, it won’t happen i n2021. No proposals happened either. We don’t know whether we’ll get married or not even though we are moving towards that direction.

When asked if she would take the initiative to propose, Roxanne Tong said, “If the time is suitable, I don’t mind taking the initiative to propose, but right now, I want to dash towards my career and save money. Unless I want to have kids, then I would then think about marriage.”

Credit:, Roxanne Tong IG