“A Love of No Words” Lead Actress, Regina Ho, Denies Rumors She Got Rich Suddenly and Moved into a Luxury Home

The cast of TVB’s remake of “Return of the Cuckoo” (十月初五的月光), which is called, “A Love of No Words”, attended a promotional event on November 30. The series’ first week of ratings averaged 19.4 points. However, female lead, Regina Ho (何依婷), has been met with criticism about her acting and her voice being too high.

In response to these criticisms, Regina Ho said, “No matter what, there will be people who like it and don’t like it. The most important thing is to be myself. If there are criticisms about my acting, I will seriously consider if I have room for improvement. If everyone around me said I did well and said they really want to watch it, then it becomes hard for me to know where I am lacking. I am actually very thankful.”

Regina Ho is the first runner up at the Miss Hong Kong 2017 pageant. She has been getting a lot of opportunities in the past few years with “A Love of No Words” being her first lead role. While Regina Ho said she came from a modest family background, she was working at one of the Big Four accounting firms as a financial advisor before she decided to join the pageant.

With her growing popularity and job opportunities, a magazine had reported that Regina Ho had “suddenly become rich”. They said she was currently living at a luxury residence with an ocean view, drives a 500,000 HKD car, and hired a personal assistant for 20,000 HKD with her own money. In response to these rumors, Regina Ho laughed and said when she woke up, many friends texted her to tell her about the news. She said she understands that there will be plenty of news right now because of the series airing. At the same time, Regina Ho felt apologetic towards the people around her, “I feel very sorry to my family and friends because they’re not in this industry after all. I also don’t wish to be the topic of casual conversations. I didn’t do well enough [to protect them].”

As for the rumors about her hiring an assistant, Regina Ho explained that they are friends and she gave her a friend price to help her as she knows how exhausting it is for her to film. Regina Ho also denies using 20,000 HKD to hire her friend. She said, “I always tell the film crew that she is like half a sister and mom taking care of me. So I feel very bad that she got onto the cover of the magazine.”

The magazine also said she moved from an old building to an ocean view home and is driving a 500,000 HKD car. Regina Ho had this to say, “Thank you to everyone for their concern about where I am living. I don’t think where an actor lives has any effect. At the moment, I don’t have the ability to buy a home. I am renting now. Once I have the ability to buy a home, I will tell everyone. No need to worry that I am hiding anything. The car has been talked about for many years, but everyone knows I bought it secondhand. When I bough the car, it was 6 years old. Right now, it’s either 8 or 9 years old. I think it’s some promotional tactics to attract more people to read it. It was a very affordable price when I bought it.”

Credit: hk01, Regina Ho IG

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