Delayed Airing of “Luoyang” Leads to Anti-Fans Leaving Low Ratings on Douban

The much anticipated iQIYI costume series, “Luoyang” (风起洛阳), starring Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, and Victoria Song, finally aired on December 1. The series was scheduled to air at 8 PM local time. It was suddenly delayed and didn’t air until almost an hour later.

However, netizens started leaving 1 star reviews on Douban saying things like, “The few actors are inarticulate, such exaggerated acting skills is also very disappointing.”, “The level of the screenwriter and these few actors aren’t enough.”, “Very bad, especially the female lead and the second male lead. The lines and the acting are all very bad. One star is for Huang Xuan.”, and more.

However, these reviews were left around a little over 8, when the series hadn’t aired yet due to delays. As it seemed to be the work of anti-fans or trolls, fans of the actors and/or the series tried to balance out the low ratings with 5 stars ratings and positive reviews.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

One thought on “Delayed Airing of “Luoyang” Leads to Anti-Fans Leaving Low Ratings on Douban

  1. I saw this on douban 小组 that I follow and most commenters just laugh at this ridiculous behavior. On a daily basis, there’s always someone posting about this actor/actress/idol is ugly. The only opinion they have is about someone appearance and nothing of substance.
    So far, I enjoy the series, the interaction between the 2nd male and female leads are so cute. Some antis criticize a certain idol actor in Lou Yang but they wouldn’t even dare to truly watch a series and offer any kind of constructive criticism but just glimpse through and give a 1 star rating.

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