Yang Yang and Dilraba’s Official Fan Clubs Urge Fans to Rationally Chase Stars After Both Sides Engaged in Fan Wars Once Again

On December 8, Yang Yang (杨洋)and Dilraba’s (迪丽热巴) respective official fan clubs issued a statement at the same asking their own fans to follow the country’s “Qinglang” calls to have “clean” fandoms. They urged fans to rationally chase after stars and to refrain from starting any drama or incite any fan wars.

In the past few days, Yang Yang and Dilraba’s fans have been using the other party’s misleading hashtags under the guise of “trampling” the two stars. It’s reported this all started over the latest episode of “Youth Periplous 3” (青春环游记3) in which each member had to give themselves a different name. Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞) said “Dilraba” during his turn and the camera immediately panned to Yang Yang to show his reaction. This segment even trended on Weibo with the hashtag, “Yang Yang’s reaction when he heard Fan Chengcheng say Dilraba”.

While the CP fandoms were rejoicing for these interactions, fan wars started between the two solo fandoms. Dilraba’s fans were upset since their series, “You Are My Glory” (你是我的荣耀#), has already ended and she didn’t participate in the variety show. They felt Yang Yang’s side was intentionally using gimmicks to create hype. Yang Yang’s fans felt that this has nothing to do with him since he wasn’t the one who mentioned Dilraba’s names.

The tension escalated into full out fan wars, which started with verbal attacks, sharing unflattering pictures, and spamming inflammatory comments under the other person’s hashtags.

The fan wars got pretty intense and continued to brew with even Yang Yang and Dilraba’s big fans joining in the fight by hurling insults, sharing their idols’ results, and calling each other by their anti names. All this behavior eventually led to those big fan accounts being muted on Weibo.

As the fighting got out of hand, fans started leaving comments on Yang Yang and Dilraba’s studios’ posts urging them to take legal action against the other fandom. Neither studios have addressed the latest incident.

This wouldn’t be the first time the fandoms fought. Back in June, the two fandoms started fighting over a photoshopped business card Dilraba’s fans made to promote “You Are My Glory”.

Credit: Sohu, Weibo (1, 2)