Ruby Lin Recounts the First Time Working with Husband, Wallace Huo

Ruby Lin’s (林心如) Netflix series, “Light the Night” (華燈初上), has been getting rave reviews for season 1 of the murder mystery thriller. Not only does she star in the series, she is also the executive producer of the series. The series feature an all star cast and many cameos, including her actor husband, Wallace Huo (霍建華), who will be appearing in season 2.

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo still from “Light the Night”

In a recent interview with VOGUE magazine, Ruby Lin recalled the first time working with Wallace Huo in the 2006 series, “Sound of Colors” (地下鐵). She recounted at the time, they had already filmed for over a month, but they were still not familiar with each other. Ruby Lin said, “He is a rather antisocial person and doesn’t like to talk.” There was a time when Ruby Lin was hanging out with a bunch of people on the film set. Wallace Huo passed by and she asked him, “Do you want any snacks?”. He said, “No need.”, and approached to the balcony with his assistant and driver just facing the dark night.

Afterwards, Wallace Huo explained to Ruby Lin that his next scene required him to be on his deathbed. Ruby Lin’s character had to be crying sadly by his side. He felt it shouldn’t be a happy atmosphere. Ruby Lin smiled and joked, “Makes me seem like I am so unprofessional.”

Credit: ETtoday

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