INTO1’s Liu Yu and Lin Mo Urge Fans to Stop Fighting Over Video of Them Pushing Each Other During Filming

Fans of INTO1’s Liu Yu (刘宇) and Lin Mo (林墨) got into some fandom wars recently when they noticed leaks of INTO1 filming their latest variety show. According to Liu Yu’s fans, they claim Lin Mo pushed Liu Yu on more than one occasion during filming. However, in the same video, Lin Mo’s fans retort back saying Liu Yu also pushed Lin Mo hard.

The fan wars between both fandoms festered for a few days with name calling against each other and their idol. Just on December 10, Liu Yu and Lin Mo had uploaded pictures with each other after finishing recording. On December 12, both Liu Yu and Lin Mo issued their own statement urging fans to be rational.

Liu Yu wrote, “Every INTO1 member and I are friends that can trust in each other. We would absolutely not hurt each other at any time. Don’t maliciously interpret normal playing around amongst friends as aggressive behavior with ulterior motives! We will place each member and our own safety in the first place, be responsible to each other, and be responsible to the team. Everyone, please believe in our friendship, believe in the friendships among all INTO1 members! Also kindly ask everyone to believe I can protect myself well.”

Lin Mo wrote, “This is actually not the first time these pointless quarrels have occurred. INTO1 is a warm and friendly big family. In this big family, everyone respects and loves each other. We are all each other’s family.We would absolutely not hurt each other at any time. Everyone that is venting out their emotions, whether its to protect me or to attack someone, it has already seriously hurt me and my teammate…Starting from now, everyone please stop all unreasonable attacks and live your life well. Please put your energy and passion into our stages and works. I also hope the memories INTO1 brings to everyone each day is happy, positive, and beautiful.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)