Linda Chung Responds to Speculation She’s Back in Hong Kong to Get Her First “Best Actress” Award

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), who is now based in Vancouver, Canada, revealed she was back in Hong Kong in a November 26 post. This time, she brought her son, Jared, on this trip and have spent the three weeks in quarantine together. Since she’s been back to Hong Kong, netizens have speculated Linda Chung is here to compete for the “Best Actress” award at the 2021 TVB Anniversary Awards (萬千星輝頒獎典禮2021).

The 2021 TVB Anniversary Awards will be held on January 2. On December 15, TVB released the top 10 nominees for the “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” awards, respectively. Linda Chung was nominated for “Best Actress” for her role in one of the four TVB anniversary series, “Kids’ Lives Matter” (星空下的仁醫). However, a netizen tallied up that in the 17 years of Linda Chung’s career, she has been nominated 13 times for “Best Actress”, but has never won before.

It has been a long unspoken rule that “no-shows” have a low chance of winning any awards, which is spurning on speculations that Linda Chung purposefully came back to Hong Kong to accept the award. The only exception in TVB history was Dayo Wong’s 2013 “Best Actor” win for “Bounty Lady” (My盛Lady).

In a recent interview, Linda Chung explained her return to Hong Kong was to handle some personal matters and her household affairs. As she hasn’t been back for over a year, she will be returning to Canada as soon as she wraps up her personal matters. She added, “The happiest thing is I was able to bring my son with me this time. He can see where Mommy grew up, learn some Cantonese, and visit some relatives and friends.”

On being able to get into the top 10 nominees for “Best Actress”, Linda Chung expressed, “I am very happy. I think this character, Cheung Yee-sum, is the character i’ve liked the most in all these years of filming. As for awards, whatever happens, happens. If I get an award, I would happily go accept it. If there is none, it’s fine too. I would still continue to be a diligent person. Thank you everyone. Thank you everyone for your support. I hope everyone also supports all the nominations for “Kids’ Lives Matter”.

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