G.E.M. Responds to Break Up Rumors with Stylist Boyfriend, Mark Ngai

G.E.M., whose real name is Gloria Tang (鄧紫棋), has been dating her stylist boyfriend, Mark Ngai (魏俊傑), for 5 years. Their relationship has been met with a lot of drama and controversies. Back in 2016, it was rumored G.E.M. had “stole” Mark Ngai from good friend and singer, JW (Joey Wang). They didn’t go public with their relationship until 2017 when they were spotted vacationing in Japan together. Back in 2019, fans were upset when they alleged their fan club fees were being deposited to Mark Ngai’s account. Last year, there were rumors Mark Ngai was imprisoned before for an assault case.

Recently, there were rumors circulating that G.E.M. and Mark Ngai have broke up for months now. Mark Ngai, who travels with G.E.M. as he works as her stylist and is part of her management team, reportedly returned to Hong Kong himself last month while G.E.M. is working in the mainland. Their last social media interaction was from G.E.M.’s birthday post in August.

G.E.M. also posted a cryptic message on the eve of Mark Ngai’s birthday. She wrote, “Remember how others treat you well, forget how you treat others well.” When a fan asked if this was a preview to her new song, G.E.M. responded, “No, I was just simply sharing my life experiences.”

The Hong Kong media reached out to Mark Ngai on the break up rumors, but he responded, “No comment.” As for the other rumors, Mark Ngai said, “Sorry, thank you.” G.E.M. responded to the rumors by saying, “Everyone, don’t eat the melons (follow the gossip), it’s not nutritious. I am releasing a new song on the 21st.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2), Mark Ngai IG

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