Lee Jinglei Writes Long Essay Exposing Wang Leehom for Allegedly Cheating on Her with Multiple Hookup Partners, Soliciting Prostitutes, Real Reason for Their Divorce, and More

After Wang Leehom (王力宏) announced he and his wife, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), had filed for divorce on December 15, there were several reports surrounding the cause for their separation. The following day, he was embroiled in a cheating scandal with BY2’s Yumi back in 2013. Both have since denied the allegations. However, Lee Jinglei, who has stayed quiet this whole time, made a lengthy post on the night of December 17, giving her story and exposing another side to Wang Leehom that is a stark contrast from his wholesome image that he has portrayed since the start of his career.

In Lee Jinglei’s almost 5,000 word post, she made claims alleging Wang Leehom cheated on her with multiple hookup partners, confessed to soliciting prostitutes, relegating her to being just a babymaker, forcing her to sign an unequal prenuptial agreement, suffer emotional abuse inflicted from his family, and more.

Lee Jinglei prefaced her response saying she sacrificed and invested her all into the family as she thought they would always be a family. She revealed she gave up her career and her own personal life to have children because Wang Leehom is 10 years older than her and he wanted to have a big family. She didn’t have any qualms about it as she agreed to it and also liked children herself. However, she didn’t think she would be raising the children by herself as if she was a single parent because Wang Leehom wanted the “single” lifestyle and to leave the family.

Humiliation, Emotional Abuse, Unequl Prenup

Lee Jinglei then segues into being doubted, humiliated, and subjected to emotional abuse by his family ever since she married Wang Leehom. She also said she was forced to sign an unequal prenuptial agreement: “You need to protect your pre-martial assets. I can understand that and completely accept it, but the post-marital assets were a [result] of our mutual efforts. It was also achieved from each of us doing our job well. The home is under your name, the car is under your mom’s name, the assets were transferred very cleanly as if you’re afraid I would be taking advantage of you.”

Despite making that statement, Lee Jinglei follows up saying Wang Leehom was never cheap with the money he gave for the children’s expenses: “But in all these years, I have never used your money to buy any luxury goods.” Lee Jinglei says she has been encouraging Wang Leehom to do the things he loves and not to take jobs for the sake of money: “Why such as a person I am have to take you and your family’s long term suspicions and humiliation?”

Lee Jinglei then mentioned Wang Leehom still couldn’t make his own decisions at 37, do the things he wanted to do, or decide on his relationships and finances because he was being obedient. She said he asked her to save him, so she offered her hand. However, Lee Jinglei said she realized she was just being used throughout the years as he hid behind her acting pure and innocent while she took the brunt of all the criticisms.

Protecting Himself

The ultimate disappointment for Lee Jinglei, she said, was when Wang Leehom told her to trust him and let him make the statement. Him and his team would protect them and control the narrative. However, in the end, Lee Jinglei said he only protected himself.

After the divorce, there were news reports saying the cause for their divorce was that Lee Jinglei couldn’t get along with Wang Leehom’s mother because Lee Jinglei took over his finances after they got married. Lee Jinglei and his mother were both getting attacked because of these news reports.

When Lee Jinglei asked Wang Leehom to help her clarify the rumors because the news wasn’t true, he reportedly told her that in his statement, he already said he wouldn’t be commenting anymore. So it wouldn’t be convenient for him to make anymore statements. Lee Jinglei was understanding about it, but when the news about Wang Leehom cheating with BY2’s Yumi went viral, he immediately clarified the rumors for himself: “As it turns out, the us you talk about, is only you, there is no us.”

In a relationship, but not really…

“I won’t carry your cross for you.” Lee Jinglei revealed, “At the time, you also got all worked up to clarify the Wu XX rumor. Whether you and her had an unusual relationship, only you two know. The male and female relationships in the entertainment circle and your views have undermined my knowledge…partner/ex-partner/and their good friends, everyone…all are ‘good friends’.”

Lee Jinglei revealed she was underaged when they first met. She was 16 while Wang Leehom was 26. He wanted her number and said she was very pretty. She said their conversations were flirtatious in nature and they would talk for over an hour when he called.

When they were in the same city, they would meet up. Lee Jinglei recounted a time when Wang Leehom asked her out to watch a movie. After the movie ended, she discovered his ex-girlfriend was sitting in the back watching the same movie. Lee Jinglei revealed when he was still with his ex-girlfriend, Wang Leehom would call her at 2 in the morning and asked if she wanted to go to his home and sleep with him. Lee Jinglei thought it was weird and rejected his advances, but didn’t think too much into it.

Wang Leehom then said he would come out to see her. They stayed up the whole night chatting until morning. It wasn’t until later on that Lee Jinglei discovered he was still with his ex-girlfriend.

After Wang Leehom and his girlfriend split, Lee Jinglei would meet up with him when they were in the same city again. Lee Jinglei described Wang Leehom as being very considerate towards her, he would carry her bag and take her out to have fun. She said they got along very happily. He held her hand, naturally got together, and had sex. Lee Jinglei recounted the next day, “The next morning, you said you didn’t want to have a relationship.”

Lee Jinglei was baffled by this, but she attributed Wang Leehom’s behavior to him being hurt before since his “image was so outstanding”. She also said he was very sincere in sharing his secrets, inner feelings, and loneliness with her.

Side Chicks, Soliciting Prostitutes, Hookup Partners

“So we were in fact like any ordinary couple in love. We’d get together if we were able, if we weren’t in the same city, we’d be in contact the whole day. We’d spend a lot of wonderful time together and would also say I love you. It’s just I didn’t have a title. You said you weren’t with anyone either, it’s just you didn’t want to be in a relationship for the time being.

As it turns out, I discovered later on that you actually have a lot of this type of ‘friends’ like me in a lot of cities. You were also filmed bringing back girls to your home and staying overnight. You were also filmed soliciting prostitutes. There is actually confirmed video evidence of all of this. The girls clearly stated your floor number and account name, got out of the elevator, turned left and arrived at your home. You also admitted all of this to me. You confessed that all this was your problem and you had no way of controlling yourself. I suggested to separate. You called me for a few weeks saying you won’t be like this anymore. From now on, I would be your ‘The One and Only’ (唯一).”

Lee Jinglei then recounted a time when Wang Leehom’s Shanghai concert had ended and he didn’t call her. She still couldn’t find him the next morning. Later on, Lee Jinglei discovered Wang Leehom was drinking and partying all night long with his hookup partner and took all sorts of boob shots and licking lip photos. Lee Jinglei said this behavior continued after they got married: “You already had me. You received a series of nude pics from her to celebrate your birthday and you still happily responded. You promised me you wouldn’t be in contact anymore. I still discovered you guys were in contact from time to time and continued to send some flirtatious messages. You were at the scene for the same commercial performance one time and you didn’t want me to go together. Afterwards, she even posted something about you on IG and called you “Hong Hong” and then deleted it.”

Lee Jinglei then introduced another hookup partner of Wang Leehom’s that was already married with a child and wanted him to lie with her to her husband. Lee Jinglei said this girl continued to act cute around Wang Leehom and tried to seduce him even after they were married. She told him she felt uncomfortable and that normal social interactions are okay, but she wasn’t comfortable with him inviting her to their home. She asked him if he could stop doing it. Wang Leehom was reportedly very angry over this and told Lee Jinglei not to have the Christmas party anymore. Knowing that it was a violation against the rules, he would still fly to her home to meet up with her.

When Lee Jinglei was about to give birth, she said Wang Leehom’s dance teacher “friend” sent him a message saying she was very sad because she thought they were together. Another female “friend” cried in front of her for an hour when she heard Lee Jinglei and Wang Leehom were together. The second girl also thought she was with Wang Leehom.

Reason for Divorce

“Afterwards, I discovered you recorded all types of characteristics of your prostitute hookups. There were a few among them that looked like our staff members. How can I endure this? Even though I’ve endured so much, I still chose to forgive you, accompany you. I just changed the method. I don’t expect to change you, let you be free and live the lifestyle you want. I withdraw from your life while raising the kids and waiting for you at home. Waiting for when you want to come home and reunite with us, I don’t want to fight with you either.

However, you still wanted to selfishly leave. The reason being that if you meet a girl you like, you don’t want her to be wronged and be called a mistress, so you were determined in wanting to divorce. I didn’t want to divorce so you became worse and used all sorts of words to bully and even humiliate me, and fabricated “facts” to slander me in front of family and friends.”

Absent Father?

Lee Jinglei said she has never mentioned this to any of their friends or family. She continued to put on a smile and protected their family in hopes that forgiveness can be exchanged for family harmony and a happy upbringing for their children. “In the end, the exchange was your absence. The children’s birthdays, absent. Important holidays, absent. Every time you leave, it’s a few months. I see the children crying sorrowfully into my arms, I also get heartbroken. I realized if I continue enduring this silently, it is just setting a bad example for our daughters.”

In closing, Lee Jinglei expressed one of the reasons she decided to speak up was because she didn’t want more women to experience the same things she went through. She also clarified that she wouldn’t choose to be friends with someone based on their status: ” I didn’t ‘rely on him’ to gain the lifestyle I have now either. I don’t need it in the future and won’t suffer any humiliation in order to get alimony from him (Even though I am entitled to it, but no need, thanks.). I rely on my own efforts and I can still raise the children well and nurture them into adults.” Wang Leehom revealed Lee Jinglei was a graduate student at Columbia when they went public with their relationship in 2013.

According to Lee Jinglei, Wang Leehom hopes she won’t ruin his entertainment career. She elaborated, “I want to say that I’ve never wanted to do all this that’s why I’ve endured it until now. I am also very pained that we’ve come to this stage. However, if your career has been affected, it’s because of all the choices you made that created this, not me. I hope we can both be reborn and be well on our own.” Lee Jinglei also urged for Wang Leehom to change his unhealthy habits and told him to focus on music: “Fame and all types of objects won’t bring you true happiness. It will only bring you to a bottomless abyss…I hope you can also face yourself honestly, don’t mind the world’s views, and be with the right person.”

Lee Jinglei offered an English quote in closing: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

While Wang Leehom’s camp hasn’t responded to Lee Jinglei’s post, car brand, Infiniti, issued a statement saying they have terminated their partnership with him.

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  1. I believe her too!! Mainly because his behavior isn’t that uncommon for very rich men. However, his fame and fans could actually ruin her life if she were the partner slandered in the divorce. I am glad she’s deciding to speak up.

  2. DAAAAAAMN son! Now that’s an expose!!! Poor JingLei for handling this POS! I can understand what it feels like to be a single mother, but in addition to being an absent husband and father, now he’s also an @$$hole husband. I feel bad that her kids (because, yes, it’s entirely her that has been there for them the entire time), who will have to read about and understand this about their father in the future. But scum is scum. Needs to be revealed

  3. I chose to believe her words and wish her a better future. But damn 3 kids in a span of 5 years and never got much help with caring for those kids. It’s always the woman that pay the price for bad marriage. Nothing worse than married to a 2 faces man and saddles with kids. If what she said about him showering her with attention when she was a minor, he was/is a manipulator and pedophilia.

    I hope people do not attacked her but offer her compassion.

    1. She was 16 and him 26 when he first pursued her. If that isn’t grooming, Idk what is. She might have wanted wealth and connections at first, but nobody deserves to be a neglected baby-making machine…or cheated on with both women and men. She deserves to speak up for herself. Curious if she’ll get much from the divorce since Leehom’s hiding assets in his moms name.

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