Lee Jinglei Responds to Wang Leehom’s Statement, Says Therapist Felt Wang Leehom Has Sex Addiction and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

While Wang Leehom published his first statement late at night on December 19, Lee Jinglei didn’t waste any time to retort back. At 1:31 am on December 20, Lee Jinglei responded, “Mr. Wang, it’s a pity that we’ve reached this point, it’s really unbearable. In order to protect yourself, you’re really willing to do anything, commit wrongdoing without shame, what’s a shame is you don’t know how to repent. You continue to lie, deceive, and confuse the public. I remember you once said to me, you believe the best PR method is to try to destroy the other person’s reputation and mislead the public to shift the focus. Nice try”

Lee Jinglei said she is looking forward to each of Wang Leehom’s reply in regards to his claim that he wasn’t unfaithful during their marriage.

1. In regards to Wang Leehom’s claim that after meeting each other at his 2003 concert, “we didn’t contact each other for 10 years or so.”, Lee Jinglei says, “Maybe you have too many ‘friends’ (referring to hookup partners) and your memory isn’t good. After that time, we went cruising in your car to Taoyuan and even went to the home of your colleague from your record company to have a meal, was filmed going to the OB-GYN/getting a check up, eating sushi together, Tokyo shabu-shabu, Mihan shabu-shabu, watching movies at WarnerVillage (the time we were at the same theater with your ex-girlfriend). Also when you were still with another ex-girlfriend, you had a hookup at 2 in the morning and you came to Anhe Road to look for me to chat until the morning, birthday party, and more…You don’t remember any of it? Since 2003, frequent contact continued to occur. At some of these events, our friends at the time can also bear witness.”

2. Division of assets: “1. It’s true that I didn’t want a dime of any alimony. 2. Regarding the LA property and the stocks, please don’t try to confuse the public. The screenshot clearly shows, ‘the ‘PARTIES’ own + ‘JOINT’ investment account are already originally part of the property under both respective parties, not because of the property you have to split with me because of the divorce. All these expenses are the distribution of the profits we each gained from when we were working together, it has nothing to do with this divorce. 3. The only thing discussed was indeed the children’s ‘living and education’ expenses as I previously stated, and the other existing staff members that can’t be dismissed (Also your amnesty of letting me live in the house rent-free for 18 years and return it to you in 18 years.) That’s why…readers aren’t fools…don’t try to confuse the public! The expenses are as I described.”

3. Regarding Wang Leehom saying he was living under fear, extortion, and threats, Lee Jinglei said it was the opposite from the truth. She shares a picture of what she says was the professional analysis from a therapist they were seeing. “It clearly says I am the one suffering from long term mental abuse, humiliation, and being gaslit by you. It’s not you [suffering]. Moreover, she also felt you have Sex Addiction and Narcissistic Personality Disorder issues. She also said your issue is that you and your family and friends will create rumors about me having mental illness to destroy my personality. This behavior is not desirable.

4. The so called 5 therapists you mentioned, there are actually only two (including this person) that we actually consulted, the others were just a try out.”

Lee Jinglei said there were various roleplaying and emotional release situations. It was a very private and safe space. “If you have a recording, it’s illegal. In fact, it could be false slander.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3), Apple Daily TW