Netizens Report Li Bingbing for Wearing Top Deemed Too Revealing

On December 19, Chinese actress, Li Bingbing (李冰冰), was trending because of the outfit she wore in a Douyin video. Some netizens reported the video citing that Li Bingbing’s outfit was too revealing. They even showed off the confirmation that their report went through successfully. The platform decided the video contained content that was in violation of their rules and would be handled accordingly.

One of the persons who reported the video explained they had nothing against Li Bingbing or her works, they just felt her outfit was exposing too much and inappropriate. He blamed Li Bingbing’s fans for coming at him. One person said she agreed with the person reporting it and said she reported it herself with the viewpoint as a mother.

On December 20, Li Bingbing’s studio issued a statement about the video, saying the video was edited by Douyin’s official team and had already been reviewed in advance before it was uploaded. As for a netizen saying it was “successfully reported”, the studio said the video wasn’t taken down and can be viewed normally at the moment. They also stated they will be taking legal action against those slandering and insulting Li Bingbing.


Credit: Weibo (1, 2)