Dilraba Responds to Her Mother Rushing Her to Get Married in “Versailles Literature” Fashion

After wrapping up filming on her latest series, “An Le Zhuan”, Dilraba (迪丽热巴) had some time to go on the variety show, “BYE 2021” (2021脱口秀跨年), which aired on December 25. The program is the New Year’s Eve version of the Chinese talk , “ROAST”, which was adapted from an American show, which invites celebrities to recite scripted monologues that often pokes fun at themselves.

For one part of Dilraba’s segment, she mentioned how her mother is always rushing her to get married because she is nearing 30 whenever she calls her. Her mother tells her no one will want her when she gets older. Dilraba responded to her mother, “Mom, why would no one want Dilraba?”. Her mother’s response was, “If you still don’t get married, mama won’t want you.” Dilraba said back to her in “Versailles literature” fashion, “Mama, how is that possible? Which mother wouldn’t want a Dilraba.”

Dilraba then says her mother tells her not to just focus on working all the time or else she’ll end up spending her money all alone without anyone to look after her. Dilraba tells her single life isn’t as good as you would think. When her mother asks about her deal type, Dilraba lists out, “Very simple. Handsome, tall, considerate, knows how to cook, occasionally gives me little surprises. My mom said to me, “Daughter, the partners aren’t as good as you think.”

Credit: Weibo (1)

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