Lee Jinglei Ready to Release Evidence if Wang Leehom Agrees to It

After Lee Jinglei’s (李靚蕾) lengthy post calling out Wang Leehom (王力宏) bringing unauthorized visitors to their home and attempted to break in to their home, Wang Leehom’s management company spoke to the media downplaying her claims. Lee Jinglei, who is being called “Thor’s Hammer” by Chinese netizens, swiftly replied to his management team’s responses to the media.

  1. In response to Wang Leehom’s team identifying one of the staff members working with them for 12 years, Lee Jinglei said, “Married for 8 years, there would actually be a 12 year ‘married couple’ lifestyle assistant?? Everyone knows it’s your ‘personal’ assistant (a man hired by you, take orders from you for a long time, and follows you obediently).”
  2. “If it’s like I said, shouldn’t I have called the police? I did call the police”.
  3. In reference to Wang Leehom’s manager saying Lee Jinglei had a vivid imagination, Lee Jinglei said, “Please state clearly which part is an imagination. I’ll provide evidence to support it.”
  4. Lee Jinglei questions Wang Leehom’s camp saying he only wants to see the children and why he would violate their visitation agreement and hide the existence of the third male.
  5. In regards to Wang Leehom saying he felt extremely sad not being able to hold his kids, Lee Jinglei said he had a choice to choose when he could see them but he was only willing to plan around lunar new year to see them.
  6. Lee Jinglei questions which lawyer would advise Wang Leehom to violate their visitation agreement and bring three men to see their children without surveillance. If Wang Leehom wanted a third party as a witness, Lee Jinglei said they could’ve found one person they both trust and makes the children feel comfortable.
  7. In response to Wang Leehom’s management company telling her to provide evidence, she said, “If you agree, then I will post it. (I originally wanted to say don’t be so extreme since it contains a lot of [private things], don’t know what needs to be hidden or what doesn’t need to be hidden.”

It was also revealed that after Lee Jinglei’s initial call to the police on January 9, she didn’t file a report as she was still considering it. On the afternoon of January 12, Lee Jinglei had given her male housekeeper the power of attorney to record the incident with the police station on her behalf. It’s reported Lee Jinglei discussed with her lawyer that right now is not the time to officially file a police report. As a result, Lee Jinglei hasn’t taken any legal action yet.

Credit: Apple Daily TW, Weibo

One thought on “Lee Jinglei Ready to Release Evidence if Wang Leehom Agrees to It

  1. All these excuses and WLW has done nothing to protect his children. If he’s truly being denied access to his children he could file for custody. As a legal father (with lots of money) he could very well file for custody or visitation rights. The fact that he only hides behind other people to speak for him shows his character and what a scumbag he is. He’s only doing things in attempts to salvage his crappy image.

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