Wang Leehom’s Team Reveals Identities of Three Men, Says He Brought Them Under Lawyer’s Suggestion to Visit the Children

After staying silent for almost four weeks, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) issued another lengthy post on January 11 calling out Wang Leehom (王力宏) for violating their visitation agreement by bringing three men to visit their children without prior authorization. Not only did he not get Lee Jinglei’s consent, he also lied about only bringing two men when a third male was seen standing further back. At one point, Lee Jinglei said Wang Leehom was trying to break into their home with his key and kept shaking the doorknob.

On January 12, Wang Leehom’s management company responded to Apple Daily TW in regards to Lee Jinglei saying Wang Leehom tried to break in causing the kids to cry and Lee Jinglei’s hand to shake nonstop. They said, “Next to Wujiang (Name of Lee Jinglei’s home) is a police station. Her imagination is so vivid. If it’s like what Ms. Lee said, shouldn’t she call the police first?”

Wang Leehom’s management company also told Apple Daily TW that if Lee Jinglei had any evidence, she should file a lawsuit directly and let justice solve the issues instead of using the media and public opinion to stir up trouble.

When fans asked Lee Jinglei why she didn’t call the police, she responded that she already did. According to an exclusive report with ETtoday, they confirmed Lee Jinglei directly called the director of the Da’An Branch Xinsheng South Road police station on January 9th at 4pm. They said Lee Jinglei recounted Wang Leehom bringing three men to their home to visit the children and required the surveillance cameras to be turned off. After Lee Jinglei rejected him, Wang Leehom shook the door violently, causing panic for the three kids and their mother. When the director asked Lee Jinglei if she wanted to file a police report if she’s worried about her safety, they could charge him with trespassing into a residence and have a police officer sent over to her place. She responded, “No, I am inquiring with you.” As a result, the formal filing report procedure wasn’t completed.

As for the three men Wang Leehom brought with him, his team said his lawyer suggested he shouldn’t go back to Wujiang alone and must be accompanied by a third party to visit the children. As a result, he brought one assistant, a partner working at Hongsheng Culture Inc. for 11 years, and the third male which Lee Jinglei didn’t know is a personal bodyguard Wang Leehom hired.

As for Lee Jinglei’s accusations that Wang Leehom was turning the doorknob violently, they explained he heard the children cheering enthusiastically, so he knocked on the door in response. In the end, Wang Leehom didn’t get to see the children and was extremely sad and depressed. He will continue to fight for the opportunities to see his children.

Credit: Apple Daily TW (1, 2, 3), ETtoday, Weibo (1, 2)

8 thoughts on “Wang Leehom’s Team Reveals Identities of Three Men, Says He Brought Them Under Lawyer’s Suggestion to Visit the Children

  1. Thank god no one with stupid replies siding with WLH, this is suspicious like others pointed out

  2. If WLH acted gentlemanly, LJL wouldn’t need to take precautions around him. Way to go in terrorizing your ex-wife and children, WLH! Always hiding behind others’ back, what a coward.

  3. This is crazy. Normally there is an independent 3rd party observer for contentious child visitation. Not three random dudes from one parent’s team.

    I understand neither parent wants to be Mis-quoted or lied about. So hire an (agreed up) therapist to quietly observe and attend the meeting. Showing up with 3 men and lying about it is not the way. WLH acting shady.

    1. WLH’s lawyer says bring a third party, and what does he do? He brings an assistant, a partner, and a bodyguard lol.

      1. Maybe he misheard the lawyer, “bring 3rd person, okay got it!”

        Kidding of course. His actions are intimidation… and then his explanation made no sense. His PR people have a tough job. Someone needs to brew them a big pot of coffee.

  4. His lawyer said 3rd party, not 3 men. Of course she would be suspicious when it was supposed to be a meeting between the children and the father.

    1. I would be suspicious too! What if he takes children away forcibly and puts them in his mother’s care. What a horror!

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