Lin Chiling and EXILE’s AKIRA Welcome Birth of Son

Congratulations are in order for Taiwanese actress, Lin Chiling (林志玲), and her husband, AKIRA of Japanese group, EXILE, as they announced the birth of their son. On early morning of January 31, which also happens to fall on Chinese New Year eve this year, Lin Chiling and AKIRA updated their social media accounts with a picture of their baby’s hands, but didn’t explicitly specify the sex of the baby. However, the emoji Lin Chiling used in her post consisted a family of three with a baby boy.

Lin Chiling wrote: “Thank you for coming into our family. Finally, finally waited for the little angel to arrive in our family. Really hope to share my heartfelt joy with each person in this beautiful start of the year. I would also like to thank everyone who has been blessing me and cheering me on. Happy new year, wishing everyone peace and happiness, good health, and always maintaining positive hope. Love will be by everyone’s side.”

Lin Chiling and AKIRA, who will be 48 and 41 this year, respectively, got married in November 2019 after knowing each other for 8 years. This was a surprise as they didn’t announce they were pregnant. Lin Chiling’s manager responded to Apple Daily TW, saying, “Thank you everyone for your concern! I won’t be sharing much of the details. Jiejie (Lin Chiling’s nickname) and brother-in-law’s little angel they’ve yearned for finally arrived. They wished to share their joy with everyone and wishes everyone to be happy every day, to stay healthy, and happy new year!”

Credit: Apple Daily TW, Weibo (1, 2)

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