Steven Cheung and Wife Call Off Divorce and Hints at Third Child

Three days after his wife unilaterally announced they were officially divorced, Steven Cheung (張致恒) has finally spoke up. On January 30, Steven Cheung revealed he has reconciled with his wife and don’t seem to be divorcing anymore. He uploaded a picture with his wife, Man Man, and their two sons.

Steven Cheung said, “People will always make different mistakes in their lives — relationships, career, family, friendships, but the most important thing is how you reflect and change and continue walking ahead after making those mistakes. Thank you to my wife for tolerating my mistakes these past two years. After communicating with my wife for the past few days, we have decided to continue to walk the road ahead together. As a couple, there are a lot of things we must learn. There is still a long way to learn from each other. Let’s continue loving like this! I love u Au Yan Man (區燕雯).”

However, Steven Cheung later updated the post to say, “Family of five continue loving like this.”, seemingly hinting that his wife might be pregnant with their third child. His wife hasn’t responded to Steven Cheung’s post.


3 thoughts on “Steven Cheung and Wife Call Off Divorce and Hints at Third Child

  1. Poor kids…they really shouldn’t procreate anymore. I only have one kid and I can barely get it together, let alone 2 and 3! Get your tubes tied, Steven, it’s a short term cost for long term security! Con.doms and kids will cause more money in the long run.

  2. What a hot mess. He’s really not even that popular anymore in the last few years he was active. Stop taking up public resources and focus on your family. These poor children.

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