Wang Kai Revealed He Had a Health Scare After Discovering a Mass in His Lungs

Chinese actor, Wang Kai (王凯), recently did an interview with “Ren Wu” (People) Magazine, in which he revealed he had a health scare a few years ago. Back in March 2017, Wang Kai was in Japan to film on location for one of his projects. The 35 year old Wang Kai at the time said he practically never did any body check ups and that he was very confident in his body.

Under the strong suggestion by a friend, Wang Kai finally got a physical done in Japan. When he got the results, the medical center in Tokyo called Wang Kai and told him there was a shadow in his lung x-rays and suggested he get examined again and be prepared to have surgery. When Wang Kai found out about the results, he said he was “dumbfounded”. Back in February 2017, Wang Kai’s father had just passed away from lung cancer.

Wang Kai’s new project at the time just had it’s blessing ceremony and started prepping for filming to begin. He was deciding whether to withdraw from the project altogether. Finally when everything ended, he told the director and said, “My body might have some issues. Right now, the results aren’t clear. I need some time to rest. I won’t be participating in rehearsals for now.”

In April 2017, Wang Kai’s lung exams came back and fortunately, it was just a nodule. Wang Kai had surgery to get it removed and made up his mind to have a temporary leave. He used one Weibo post to tell his fans, “I am ill and need time to recuperate. I won’t be able to see everyone for a period of time. Wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day in advance and you must remember to cherish your body and rest well!”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)