Crystal Fung Rumored to Be Frozen by TVB for Committing Three Offenses

Since being crowned as the Miss Hong Kong 2016 champion, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), has been heavily promoted by TVB by quickly getting lead roles, hosting duties at major events, and hosting variety shows. She even got the “Most Improved Female Artist” award at the 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards. However, there have been recent rumors looming that Crystal Fung angered TVB because of three offenses she committed, leading to her being frozen. Not only was she missing from major events, she is rumored to be written out from the sequel to 2021’s highest rated TVB drama, “Sinister Beings” (逆天奇案).

The three offenses Crystal Fung is rumored to have committed include:

#1: When Crystal Fung was rumored to be dating her hosting co-star, Leonard Cheng (鄭衍峰), it’s said she wanted to bring her underground relationship to the surface. TVB reportedly objected, leading to both parties disagree and argue.

#2: Crystal Fung has recently entered the NFT marketplace. She released her own designs of crystal bracelets trading with ether. Cryptocurrency is illegal in China and any activities surrounding those transactions are strictly prohibited. With TVB placing heavy importance on the mainland market, Crystal Fung’s foray into NFT and cryptocurrency is taboo and can jeopardize TVB’s chances in the mainland.

#3 Crystal Fung has personally hired an assistant who is reported to be always mingling with other artists at events and is greedy for small advantages. TVB has urged Crystal Fung to let go of this assistant to avoid her reputation being ruined, but she refused.

Crystal Fung hasn’t responded to these reports.

Credit: hk01, Crystal Fung IG

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  1. TVB freezing Crystal Fung?

    Well, nothing of value has been lost. She’s very trashy and proud to be trash. Not sure what TVB sees in her.

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