Vivien Yeo Makes Surprise Announcement for Birth of Second Baby

Former TVB actress, Vivien Yeo (楊秀惠), made a surprise announcement that she gave birth to her second baby on Valentine’s Day. This was a surprise as Vivien Yeo didn’t announce she was pregnant nor did she appear to be carrying. On February 14, Vivien Yeo uploaded a picture of the family of four consisting of her husband, their older daughter, new born daughter, and herself.

Vivien Yeo wrote in her post, “Extremely happy to welcome a new member to our family prior to the start of the Lunar New Year. A family of three became a family of four. Even though it’s extremely busy, but our whole family is very happy and excited for our little sister’s arrival. Seeing jiejie love her younger sister so much and initiating to hold and kiss her, makes me feel so happy and grateful. Wishing everyone a happy and health new year, all your wishes to come true, your whole family is safe, and a happy Valentine’s Day.”

Speaking with, Vivien Yeo revealed she gave birth naturally to a baby girl at 6.8 lbs. Vivien Yeo married her non-celebrity husband in 2019. She gave birth to her first daughter in April 2020 in Malaysia. Since leaving TVB, Vivien Yeo has been running a very successful beauty empire.

Credit: hk01, Vivien Yeo IG (1, 2)

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