Barbie Hsu Says She Won’t Be Having More Children, Mother Denies Barbie Hsu Moving to Korea to Live with Koo Jun-yup

It was a whirlwind day for Taiwanese, Chinese, and Korean entertainment news with the marriage announcement of Barbie Hsu (Hsu Shi-yuan 徐熙媛) and Koo Jun-yup on March 8. The news left netizens with many questions especially like “Is it April Fool’s today?” and the logistics and timeline of their marriage.

Barbie Hsu gave a more in depth interview with Apple Daily TW after the news. She revealed she won’t be holding a wedding and not having more kids. She said her family and children were touched upon finding out about their marriage. Barbie Hsu and Koo Jun-yup is 46 and 53 this year, respectively. Koo Jun-yup has never been married prior to this and doesn’t have children.

After Barbie Hsu’s divorce, she said she has been video chatting with Koo Jun-yup everyday. As for the reason why they got married, Barbie Hsu explained that due to the pandemic, Koo Jun-yup can’t come to Taiwan, so they can only get married in order to see each other.

Barbie Hsu said she met Koo Jun-yup when she was 20-22 and while they didn’t have an ending, it was a very important relationship to her. They cherish each other very much especially with the war that is going on. After being forced to break up, Barbie Hsu said Koo Jun-yup has been single all this time. When she got divorced, Koo Jun-yup immediately called Barbie Hsu and asked her to marry him.

In an interview with Korean news outlet, TV Daily, Koo Jun-yup said he and Barbie Hsu have been talking on the phone for the past few months. As he isn’t a family member, he can’t enter Taiwan. As he was anxious to see her, Koo Jun-yup asked Barbie Hsu, “Before it gets later, let’s become a family, okay?” He said Barbie Hsu answered him immediately with a “yes”. He also says they understand each other very well and don’t need to go through a dating phase. They have already obtained their marriage certificate in Korea.

Koo Jun-yup also revealed he is flying to Taiwan on March 9 and after 10 days in quarantine and then 7 days of self-health management, he will finally get to see Barbie Hsu. He’s reportedly staying for two months to see Barbie Hsu and her family and get to know her children before bringing her back to live in Korea.

However, Barbie Hsu’s mom spoke to Taiwanese media about the reports her daughter is moving to Korea. She said, “No way! Impossible, Shi-yuan won’t do such crazy and exaggerated things. Who would take care of the kids?” Barbie Hsu’s mother isn’t exactly a fan of the marriage as she said she didn’t know about it beforehand until after it happened. When asked about her new son-in-law, Koo Jun-yup, Barbie Hsu’s mother said this, “I have nothing to say. I don’t know. I don’t care. Don’t ask me. As long as my daughter is happy. It’s her husband, not my husband.”

As for Koo Jun-yup coming to Taiwan to see Barbie Hsu and her family, Apple Daily TW asked Barbie Hsu’s mother if she would be willing to see him. She said, “It all depends if I am feeling up to it at the time. Whether I want to see him, wait until the time comes then we’ll talk.”

Barbie Hsu and her mother (left)

Barbie Hsu’s mother continued fuming about her daughter hiding the marriage from her, telling Apple Daily TW, “I don’t know this Korean person. She didn’t tell me she was getting married either. When she got married to Xiaofei at the time, she didn’t tell me either. I didn’t even meet Xiaofei at the time. It’s the same thing this time.”

On Barbie Hsu’s flash marriage, her mother said, “What can be done? Of course I hope my daughter can be happy. She’s getting old and she still needs a partner. However, with the current situation, I am really speechless.” As for Barbie Hsu’s future living arrangements, Barbie Hsu’s mother responded, “I don’t know anything. I don’t want to ask and too lazy to ask.”

Credit: Apple Daily TW (1, 2), TVBS News, IG (1, 2), Weibo

8 thoughts on “Barbie Hsu Says She Won’t Be Having More Children, Mother Denies Barbie Hsu Moving to Korea to Live with Koo Jun-yup

  1. Barbie’s mother sounds selfish, manipulative and abusive. Frankly, if it wasn’t for her daughter nobody would ask her for her opinion. She sounds so resentful on what her daughter does with her life. Perhaps Barbie didn’t tell her anything because she knows her mother will manipulate her to do things her mother wants.

    1. That’s stupid. If anything, Barbie is the selfish one here. She only cares about herself. She did not even ask her children if they were okay in accepting a new step-father or not. She is all about “me me me”. It’s no wonder her previous marriage did not work at all. Her mother’s reaction and response are something most mother would normally do when their daughter did something reckless like Barbie did.

      1. The only one stupid here is you. Barbie is an ADULT. She’s the one getting married here. She doesn’t need her mommy to tell her she could or couldn’t get married. Barbie doesn’t need her mother’s approval nor does she need to apologize. Do some reading on Barbie’s mother and you would know how abusive and controlling she is.

        How do you know she didn’t ask her children? There’s literally no reports on whether her kids knew beforehand or were asked. Your assumption is ridiculous.

        Everyone says her last marriage didn’t work because of how long they dated and whatever. But how many marriages ends up in divorce even when they dated for years before marriage? Many people dated for longer, get married and ended up in divorce sooner than Barbie did.

        1. You are similar to her. No wonder both of you are stupid lol.

          She may be an adult, but she is still a child mental-wise. She still needs to tell her family about the marriage since she will be bringing a new member into the family. And so what if she is abusive and controlling? It was Big S who caused her own marriage to fail, not her mother.

          Have you ever read the news on other sites? She only told them about the news on the night before the announcement, and that include her children and her sister. Not my fault you did not bother to read the news elsewhere. The man have said that he will only bring her back with him to South Korea while the children will be left behind.

          And this marriage might not last longer either. This marriage was only done due to the lingering feelings from those years + him not being able to visit her since only family members are allowed to enter Taiwan now. And his mother would not be happy to accept her either, since she wanted grandchildren and could not have them since Big S refused to have children anymore. So long as she refused to change, this marriage will end up in divorce soon. Though that would be a good life lesson for her.

          1. Once you said it doesn’t matter if Barbie’s mother is abusive is all I need to know how ignorant and moronic your mentality is. Calling you stupid actually a compliment. That is definitely not my intention since you have no redeeming quality to deserve a compliment.

            Barbie is an adult that literally supports her mother with her hard earned money. She does not need her mother to APPROVE of her marriage. No legal adult needs to have the approval of their mommy to get married. Her mother can throw a tantrum like a child all she wants but she has no say in her marriage. Looks like you and Barbie’s mother has something in common, you both think you own your child because she’s FaMiLy~ If her mother doesn’t get along with Barbie’s new husband then her mother can go pound sand. No one is forcing her to accept her daughter’s husband. There’s literally a reason why married couples have all the legal rights/responsibility to their spouses rather than PARENTS.

            Also, where did you read about the husband wanting to take Barbie to Korea and leaving her kid behind? Has it actually happened? Or is it some speculations from some “unknown” source? Until it happens, your so-called point is useless.

            Barbie’s last marriage lasted 10 years which is statistically longer than the national average in Taiwan. More than 1/3 of divorces in Taiwan are within the first 5 years. So eat that statistic up for dinner tonight instead of arguing because FeeLiNgS~

            One last thing, stop using someone’s divorce to paint them in poor lighting. Having a divorce isn’t illegal or immoral. It’s literally two people that decided to separate. You sound extremely childish. I’m done with you, go back to studying or troll someone else. I won’t be replying or reading any more comments from this thread.

        2. You and Big S are really similar hahaha. Impulsive and irrational.

          Doesn’t matter if she is an adult or not, or if she is the one who support her mother with her hard earned money. Marriage is a matter between two families. This is not even her first marriage, but her second one. Even if her mother does not approve the marriage, the least she can do is to inform her family sooner rather than the night before the announcement. And let the children be familiar with him first. Why the flash marriage? To prove to others that she is still hot? Or is it because she is so lacking in love that she could not live on without having a man by her side?

          Where did I read the news? Other C-ent news sites of course. This blog is not the only C-ent news site on the internet. Or you can go read the news site in the original language.

          This marriage wouldn’t even last that long. The groom does not have any job, and he is being supported by his mother right now. Like a big baby. How is the marriage going to work? How can he support her and the marriage? Does she even have any job to support them? Can they even communicate without the need for translation app? Will she be willing to move to Korea? Will she make him stay in Taiwan instead? Can she even get along with her mother-in-law? Will her children even accept him? Does she even care about her children?

          You are the real childish one here actually. Couldn’t accept that someone could have a different opinion than you, so you resort to aggressiveness and insults instead. That is something a childish and immature person would do. Bye-bye. Go back and do some reflection in the mean time. Come back when she gets divorce next time~

  2. Yeah she also said Barbie will not get divorce and voila she got divorced not even full year afterwards. She should better refrain from saying anything about her daughter.

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