Timmy Xu Weizhou Says Marrying His Wife is the Rightest Thing He Did in Life

A day after Timmy Xu Weizhou (许魏洲) made his marriage announcement, he was asked by gossip bloggers why he chose March 10 to announce his marriage. Timmy Xu responded, “It’s an auspicious day, it was computed, thank you.”

Two days after Timmy Xu Weizhou (许魏洲) dropped the news of his surprise marriage, he finally addressed it in a long post. On March 12, Timmy Xu Weizhou started off his post apologizing to his fans for shocking and worrying them and explained he didn’t want to announce it until it was definite.

Timmy Xu then thanks everyone that supports and cares about him and says, “I am an imperfect ordinary person”, and goes on to thank everyone that accompanied him when he was lost when he debuted. On his wife, “Now, I have entered a new chapter in life. I’ve met that kind, cute, and understanding girl. She is willing to be with me forever. I also want to give her all the happiness from this world…No matter if others will be considerate or congratulate, I will walk forward without hesitation. There are a lot of wrong things that can’t be done in this world, but right things should be done and I think getting married with my wife is the rightest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Lastly, Timmy Xu said, “Lastly, thankful for everyone’s blessings and also understand all the departures (Ignoring those who yell, blocking in my heart). The grown up boy sincerely says thank you to you all.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)

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