Dilraba and Allen Ren Jialun’s “The Blue Whisper” and JeremyJones Xu and Zhou Jieqiong’s “Be My Princess” Get Air Dates

Life has been pumped into C-Drama land as air dates were announced for four series. The most anticipated one has to be “The Oath of Love“, in which fans have been waiting for three years. The air date for the series has been set to premiere on March 15 at 10:00pm on Tencent/WeTV.

Other series air date include: Dilraba (迪丽热巴) and Allen Ren Jialun’s (任嘉伦) “The Blue Whisper” (驭鲛记之与君初相识) and JeremyJones Xu Zhengxi (徐正溪) and Zhou Jieqiong’s (周洁琼) “Be My Princess” (影帝的公主)

“The Blue Whisper” airs on March 17 on YOUKU

“The Blue Whisper” revolves around “Princess Shunde” who hunts a merman and is looking for someone to domesticate him. The princess has three wishes, 1) for the merman to speak in human language, 2) for the merman to grow legs, 3) for the merman to never be rebellious. The best demon hunter in the lands is “Ji Yunhe” (Dilraba), who becomes fascinated with the merman, “Chang Yi” (Allen Ren), and eventually falls in love with him.

“Be My Princess” airs on March 16 on iQIYI and MangoTV

Synopsis from iQIYI:

“Ming Wei (played by Zhou Jieqiong) is a part-time translator who loves acting. She was unexpectedly selected to be the female lead of award winning actor Mu Tingzhou’s (played by Xu Zhengxi) upcoming drama. There she enacts the love story between a princess and a master in Ming Dynasty with Mu Tingzhou. After an accident which caused Mu Tingzhou to lose his memories, he only remembers Ming Wei who he protected dearly as the princess in the drama. In order to help Mu Tingzhou recover his memories, Ming Wei starts taking care of his life, and they gradually fall in love. After Mu Tingzhou regains his memories, he returned to being the award winning actor he was, and seem to move further away from Ming Wei’s life. However, Mu Tingzhou found the bits and pieces of his life with Ming Wei and the two of them finally express their feelings for each other and penned down a romantic love story.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)