Eddie Kwan’s Daughter, Fabienne Kwan, Denies Cheating on Boyfriend, Reveals They’ve Split Already

Eddie Kwan’s (關禮傑) daughter, Fabienne Kwan (關楓馨), signed with TVB after joining the Miss Hong Kong 2021 pageant. During the pageant, Fabienne Kwan had already revealed she had a foreigner boyfriend, Kris, she was dating for 7 years. However, the two were in a long distance relationship as Kris works in The UK. However, there were reports of Fabienne Kwan being spotted with a new tatted male companion on March 14, leading to rumors she was cheating on her boyfriend.

According to the reports, Fabienne Kwan was checking in a Sai Kung hotel for a short stay with a tatted male companion. They were later seen walking by the pier and holding hands. He was reportedly seen embracing Fabienne Kwan tightly and later returned back to the hotel. Because of this, Fabienne Kwan was rumored to be dating two men at the same time.

Fabienne Kwan explained she and her boyfriend had always been living . She revealed they already broke up at the end of last year and denied dating two men at once. Talking about her new beau, Fabienne Kwan admitted their relationship just started recently. She said, “He is not in the industry. We met through a friend. Hope you guys give us some space.”

As for the hotel stay, Fabienne Kwan explained, “We were actually going to the hotel for a meal that day. After eating, we checked out the surrounding area. It’s not what the news reported.”

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