Wang Xiaofei Lashes Out at Dee Hsu and Says He Won’t Let His Children Call Koo Jun-yup Father

Things have gone a bit sour between Dee Hsu and her former brother-in-law, Wang Xiaofei. On a trailer for a recent episode of Dee Hsu’s show, she mentioned when Barbie Hsu told her she had a new boyfriend, she immediately guessed it was Koo Jun-yup. Dee Hsu then said Barbie Hsu and Koo Jun-yup were forced to break up when they were most in love. This clip was trending on Weibo and caught the attention of Wang Xiaofei.

In response, Wang Xiaofei retweeted the clip and wrote, “Oh, really? You knew it was going to happen? When? Did you take too much meds today?”. Wang Xiaofei continued in the comments section, saying, “Mentioning the past everyday, is there no end? Firstly, I didn’t drink alcohol, it’s just that there is no end to this. Secondly, my children are in Taipei. I am already very compromising. Thirdly, your sister didn’t even say anything, what are you showing off everyday? For my children, don’t go too far.”

In a separate comment on his post, Wang Xiaofei also said, “I want the children and definitely won’t let them call a person I don’t know father. However, I’ve already quarantined 5 times. If I go back now, I’m just humiliating myself. Yue’er (Wang Xiaofei and Barbie Hsu’s daughter) is my flesh, Lin (Wang Xiaofei and Barbie Hsu’s son) is my son.”

Dee Hsu’s manager responded to Wang Xiaofei’s comments, saying “Even if people slander me, it’s better to tolerate than to argue with them. Even if people insult me, it’s better to change them than to defend myself.”

Credit: ETtoday (1, 2), Weibo (1, 2)