Kaman Kong Announces Break Up with Boyfriend of 4 Years

On April 14, TVB actress, Kaman Kong (江嘉敏), announced on Instagram that she and her boyfriend, Anthony, had split up after 4 years together. She posted a picture of the sunrise and what seems to be a past trip together to the Eiffel Tower. Kaman Kong wrote the following and tagged Anthony:

Kaman Kong and her ex-boyfriend, Anthony

“The starting point for everything is the most beautiful moment. The beautiful memories will be long lasting in my mind. It’s been 4 years. Thank you for always being with me along the way. I believe, we will welcome the future with the best version of ourselves. This wonderful journey’s train has reached its stop. Let’s draw the ending together. I know you guys will be fine. I will too, I will continue working hard to make you proud. Once a partner, has left many days to enrich me in the future and to support my growth. Sorry, when you were at my side, I still wasn’t the best version of myself. Thank you, for letting me know I can be even better when the journey ended. Goodbye, looking forward to when we meet again, we will have spent it ideally.”

At the press conference for upcoming TVB series, “Story of Zom-B” (食腦喪B), Kaman Kong had showed up with her leg bandaged and walking in crutches. She revealed she fell because she wasn’t paying attention. As a result, the bone in her leg was fractured and will require surgery soon. When reporters asked if she hurt herself because of a broken heart, she responded, “I won’t do anything to hurt myself.”

There were some speculation from netizens that a third party might’ve been the cause of their break up or that her ex-boyfriend might already be dating someone else when she said, “I know you guys will be fine”. Kaman Kong said, “No matter what, whatever needs to be said, everyone probably already said it already. Breaking up might not be a bad thing. It’s a good for everyone. Why does everyone want me to rush me to get married so fast? My mom isn’t even worried about me yet. Someone even just me about having kids.”

Credit: hk01, hk.on.cc, Kaman Kong IG