Kimberley Chen and Boyfriend, Albert Lin, Break Up After 2 Years of Dating

Kimberley Chen (陳芳語) and her boyfriend, Albert Lin (林利豪), have split up after dating for two years. They had gone public with their relationship back in May 2020. The news was confirmed by Kimberley Chen’s manager, who said, “Kimberley and Mr. Albert Lin had already agreed to break up last December.”

At the time of her going public with their relationship, Kimberley Chen had said, “Back then, I was forced to not admitting [the relationship]. He’s obviously my boyfriend, but had to say he was a friend. It would feel very fake. Dating is a very normal thing. Why can’t happy things be shared? And it’s also because of him that made me fall in love with music again. I really want to share this with fans.”

As for the break up, Kimberley Chen’s manager revealed, “Due to both people not having a consensus on future goals and thoughts, getting rid of their lovers relationship, it still doesn’t affect the two persons’ music or other commercial collaborations. Kimberley is extremely thankful to Mr. Albert Lin for his accompaniment all along.”

Credit: ETtoday, IG (1, 2)

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