Matthew Ho Wants to Film a BL Series with Hubert Wu

TVB’s new series about zombies, “Story of Zom-B” (食腦喪B), just premiered on April 18. The series reunites Matthew Ho (何廣沛) with Kaman Kong (江嘉敏) so the level of chemistry and rapport is already there. When talking about filming intimate scenes, Matthew Ho said, “I’ve never filmed bed scenes. If I film them, I’d feel pressure and worry. I’m afraid if I am careless I’d make the other person have hard feelings.” When asked if he would choose between Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) or Kaman Kong to be his partner, Matthew Ho said, “Well I’ve also worked with Hera Chan (陳曉華) twice. [I am] comfortable with all three of them, not too big of a problem.”

Matthew Ho candidly expressed that he wants to film a double male lead series. He revealed that he liked watching “The Untamed” and became a fan of Xiao Zhan. When asked if he would accept filming a BL series, he said, “Shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve filmed many intimate kissing scenes with men. I can accept it. I’ve tried sharing a cup of ice cream with 3 other men before in “A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch” (超時空男臣). At that moment, I was very afraid. Everyone’s tongues were very close. If not careful, it would become a tongue kiss.”

On who he would want to film a BL series with, Matthew Ho answered, “I once recommended filming BL to a producer. I suggested Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) because that producer has used him and I before and both of us have the same type of temperament and feeling.”

Credit:, IG (1, 2)