Koo Jun-yup Shares Photos from His Wedding with Barbie Hsu and Gushes about Their Relationship

It has been three months since Barbie Hsu and her Korean ex-boyfriend, Koo Jun-yup, reunited and got married in Taiwan. The couple hasn’t released any pictures of them together until recently. On June 22, Koo Jun-yup went on the Korean variety show, “You Quiz on the Block”, and talked about his relationship with Barbie Hsu from 20 years ago.

Koo Jun-yup also left a message for Barbie Hsu on the show: “Shi-yuan, thank you for still accepting me 20 years later. You and I will walk together healthily in the future. I will look at you attentively and cherish you.” He also clarified reports that his mother wasn’t on board with his marriage: “My mother was the first person to know. She is extremely happy.” As for the reports Barbie Hsu went behind her mother’s back with the marriage without letting her know first, Koo Jun-yup had this to say, “Mother-in-law likes me a lot. She is always calling me ‘son’.”

As the former couple haven’t seen each other after 20 years nor before they agreed to get married, Koo Jun-yup recalls the first moment he saw Barbie Hsu after getting out of quarantine. He recounted, “Once the elevator opened, she was standing in front me and just like a young girl running towards me. I cried immediately, for 30 minutes.”

Koo Jun-yup also shared pictures of him and Barbie Hsu from their March wedding for the first time. While showing it to the hosts, Koo Jun-yup says, “Doesn’t she (Barbie Hsu) look like an angel?”. He also said Barbie Hsu looked the same as before, “Shi-yuan really looks like the same as before, still very cute like a young girl. It seems like I’m the only who got old.” Lastly, Koo Jun-yup faced the camera and sent a message to Barbie Hsu: ” Thank you for accepting me again after 20 years and spending the rest of my life with me happily and healthily. I will be by your side to protect you, love you, cherish you, and spend happy days together. Shi-yuan, I love you.”

Credit: ETtoday, Weibo (1, 2)