Jimmy Lin Still in A Coma After Severe Car Accident with 6 Year Old Son, Jenson

Taiwanese artist, Jimmy Lin (林志穎), was in a serious car accident with his 6 year old son, Jenson, around 10:00 am on July 22. Jimmy Lin was seen driving his Tesla on the road when he suddenly crashed into the lane divider. As the accident happened near a construction site, the workers immediately ran to the car and pulled out Jimmy Lin and Jenson from the car. Seconds after they were pulled out, the front part of the car burst into flames.

After the accident made news, Jimmy Lin’s studio made an announcement saying, “For unknown reasons, the car crashed into a lane divider and burst into flames. A kindhearted passerby immediately pulled [us] out. At the moment, Jimmy Lin and his son are undergoing emergency treatment at the hospital. Mr. Lin has many injuries and fractures and is currently undergoing a surgical evaluation by the hospital team. There is no detailed way to comment on his medical condition at the moment, but it’s relatively stable for the time being.”

It’s reported Jimmy Lin’s face was covered with blood when he was pulled out of the car and couldn’t talk. Jenson, who was sitting in the passenger seat, is said to have suffered minor injuries and was frightened from the trauma. The police have said Jimmy Lin wasn’t under the influence when he crashed.

Jimmy Lin’s older brother had spoke to TVBS on July 23 after visiting his brother at the hospital. He told them, “The car was actually not going that fast. Whatever the reason is [for the crash], no one knows.” He also said that before he left, Jimmy Lin was still in a coma, but was confirmed to be in stable condition. Jimmy Lin’s younger brother had given a press conference the night prior that Jimmy Lin’s injuries were stable and that “the next 2-3 days are critical”.

Credit: ETtoday (1, 2)