Jacky Heung’s Cheating Rumors Escalate After Alleged Chat Conversations of Him Asking a Woman to Visit Him are Exposed

Just a few days ago, Hong Kong action star, Jacky Heung (向佐), was embroiled in cheating rumors when a paparazzo shared footage of him and a woman and brought her back to his place. Jacky Heung and his wife, Taiwanese actress, Bea Hayden (郭碧婷), didn’t respond to the rumors. His mother, Tiffany Chen, denied the rumors and explained the woman was just an older sister to Jacky Heung and they were only talking about business the time.

However, on July 26, a netizen exposed a chat record of a woman claiming she had a video call with Jacky Heung and that he had cheated on Bea Hayden “n times”. The netizen claims the chat record was from August 2021. The woman in the chat said Jacky Heung was in Shanghai and he had asked her to visit him. She said she has known him for a long time, but refused to go see him as he was married with children already. The identity of the woman is said to be an internet celebrity.

Once again, Jacky Heung hasn’t responded to the rumors. Another netizen showed a screenshot of them messaging Tiffany Chen and inquiring about the validity of the chat records. She responded, “It’s fake. I’m getting a lawyer to sue.”

On July 27, it was revealed Bea Hayden had hid her Weibo posts from being viewed. During this time, Bea Hayden’s father’s posts had led to some words with netizens who he said had misconstrued what he was saying. When the cheating rumors first surfaced, Bea Hayden’s father had posted, “Eating ice to cool down [temper]”. A netizen left a comment on that post, saying, “Marrying rich is living torture”, to which her father responded, “You can’t speak nonsense like this. They took really good care of their daughter-in-law and didn’t treat them badly at all. The truth is the truth.”

L to R: Jacky Heung, Charles Heung, Bea Hayden’s father, Bea Hayden, and Tiffany Chen

In one response to a netizen, he said, “I am not that type of person. Which father wouldn’t protect their daughter?” However, the original post was deleted by the poster. After the new allegations, Bea Hayden’s father posted again, saying, “Why did the original poster delete my words? If you don’t want people to know, then don’t do it. Is it because it doesn’t fit your narrative? ” A netizen commented on his post and said, “Support Guo baba (dad), support Guo Biting and Jacky Heung.” However, Bea Hayden’s father responded back, “I only support my daughter.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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