Kenneth Ma Says Roxanne Tong Often Asks Him to Add Her as a Secondary Card Holder

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) attended a promotional event with the cast of TVB’s currently airing series, “Big White Duel 2” (白色強人II), on August 18. When talking about girlfriend, Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), posting their picture together on IG and having marriage rumors pop up again, Kenneth Ma said, “She likes to post whatever she wants. Doesn’t really matter. I just don’t have this habit. She felt the vibes of this picture was really good. It’s still that answer. If there is something to announce, I will tell everyone. I won’t hide it.”

As for Roxanne Tong complaining about Kenneth Ma never accompanying her to watch the sunrise and sunset, he said, “She always forgets. There was a time, it was 5-6 in the morning and we went jogging together and saw it already. We have already progressed to the point where we go jogging together.” As Kenneth Ma has a joint bank account with his mother, when reporters when he would open a joint account with Roxanne Tong, he said, “Might have to consider that soon. She’s always telling me to give her a secondary credit card…do it later…it’s something Hong Kong men have to do.”

Credit:, IG (1, 2)

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