Crystal Zhang Tianai Reveals Recording of Xu Kaicheng Admitting to Cheating on Her with Drunk Hookup, Guli Nazha Denies Being Third Party

On August 24, Chinese actor, Xu Kaicheng (徐开骋), was accused of cheating on rumored girlfriend, Crystal Zhang Tianai (张天爱), with actress Gulinazha (古力娜扎), who were both his co-stars. None of the relevant parties addressed the rumors. However, on August 25, Crystal Zhang exposed Xu Kaicheng with a recording of their conversation where he admits to cheating on her.

Crystal Zhang uploaded the 7:33 minute recording at 6:23 pm with the caption, “Repeat offenders, hope all girls keep their eyes open.” In the recording, Xu Kaicheng reveals he went to a male friend’s home and had too much to drink and had sex. Crystal Zhang initially misunderstood Xu Kaicheng had sex with the male friend until he clarified that his friend had called many people over. Xu Kaicheng explained he hooked up with one of the woman his friend called over as a result of being so drunk and that he didn’t even know how he went home.

Xu Kaicheng starts to get emotional and admits it’s his fault. He says “this” is what has been torturing him, which prompts Crystal Zhang to mention his “love contract” where he was prohibited from revealing their relationship. Xu Kaicheng then says he writes in his diary everyday and says that even if Crystal Zhang doesn’t forgive him, he must “write everything we do and complete them.”

Crystal Zhang asks him what is the reason that they can’t reveal their relationship, which Xu Kaicheng admits was about his cheating. He says, “I’m scared [of this incident]. I can’t accept this. I can’t accept this of myself. As a person, I can forgive myself, but as a lover, I can’t forgive myself because…I can’t leave you. Only with you here, then I won’t make any mistakes.” At this point, Crystal Zhang says learning about this news was too sudden for her.

“Love Contract”

Next, Crystal Zhang confirms with Xu Kaicheng that not revealing their relationship wasn’t because of his company blocking it for fear of his development or the fear of his fans not liking him anymore because he had a girlfriend. Xu Kaicheng admits that those weren’t the reasons and says, “I think I am too weak.”

When Crystal Zhang asks Xu Kaicheng whether he thought if they were to go public with their relationship a year and a half later, his cheating tryst would go away, he said, “No. I think I am too weak. I have no way of protecting you. That’s why I really hate myself all along.”

Crystal Zhang responds to him, “Ever since you slept with that girl…ah, my god.” Xu Kaicheng then tells her, “I want to become a real man. Maybe because I have less experience…You must believe me. You can believe me. Everything I’ve said is the truth. I know you won’t accept me anymore…I also know that I love you very much.”

At this point, Crystal Zhang is in tears and said she needs to calm down and says, “They say all men who cheat will become repeat offenders. I don’t know how to define this matter.” In response, Xu Kaicheng said he saw the pictures of Crystal Zhang at the airport and said he lost it and knew she was feeling really miserable. He also said, “Indeed, I have no way of consoling you because my consolation can cause even greater harm to you.”

Xu Kaicheng’s pet name for Crystal Zhang is “aibao”

Xu Kaicheng then calls out his pet name for Crystal Zhang, “aibao” (爱宝, lit. love treasure, love baby), four times and tells her to come back to him. He continues to say he is “living in pain everyday”, “punishing myself”, “unable to constrain my emotions towards you”, and more four letter idioms.

Lastly, Xu Kaicheng said one day he’ll tell everything to Crystal Zhang even if’s the last second she’ll love him and that, “In your eyes, I am no longer that pure and simple person. I also think being overly simple and pure isn’t a good thing. But I am so fortunate. I’ve always known you were the right person. It’s so nice to have you here. I am very selfish. Even so, I still want to return to your side. Aibao, sorry.”

As expected, Crystal Zhang’s recording was trending at #1 with over 29 million mentions. Netizens praised Crystal Zhang for being awesome in the way she exposed Xu Kaicheng. Netizens also made fun of Xu Kaicheng’s speech, saying he sounded like he was writing a novel or reciting his lines.

Crystal Zhang reportedly wiping her tears on red carpet after seeing Xu Kaicheng at the 2022 Weibo Movie Night ceremony on August 14

Gulinazha Denies Being a Third Party

Guli Nazha, who was being labeled as a knowing third party by netizens, reposted Crystal Zhang’s post and said, “Not a mistress, not then, not now, and definitely won’t ever be in the future! Faced with the entire internet’s comments about “mistress”, I’ve never dared to believe you are such a cheater! This recording has also allowed me to clearly see what kind of thing you are.”

Guli Nazha’s studio also followed up with a statement saying the comments spreading round calling her a “mistress”, “knowingly becoming a mistress”, and more are false and defamatory statements. They are demanding those posts to be deleted and stop spreading immediately.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

10 thoughts on “Crystal Zhang Tianai Reveals Recording of Xu Kaicheng Admitting to Cheating on Her with Drunk Hookup, Guli Nazha Denies Being Third Party

  1. It’s rape if the roles are reversed, but cheating when men do it…… interesting. Anywho no men know what type of woman she is. This says more about her than him. Meanwhile, this is why most men when wrong should just apologize and move on. WE record to shame, meanwhile turn the cheek to paternity fraud, female on male assault, false rape claimers and paternal alienation. Yet when men are honest, emotional and open…we shame them.

  2. If ZTA really wants to be in a publicized relationship, XKC is obviously not the right guy for her. Better that she moved on instead of pining over a guy who doesn’t want to validate her in public.

    I don’t know if her method of publicizing their relationship like this is right, because he DID fess up instead of hiding this from her. She didn’t have to sign the love contract and just reveal their relationship solely on her end and if he doesn’t want to admit it, then reveal the audio clip. That way, girls who want to be with him will then know his true nature and stay away.

    1. ZTA didn’t sign any love contract. He said he had a love clause in his contract with his company that he can’t go public with relationships and used that as an excuse to keep her request to go public at bay. That’s what the “Love Contract” part is referring to. He later admitted that was all a lie and there’s no clause in his contract.

      They were broken up for like a week when the first incident happened. Boy sure moves fast. Goes back to the age old Rachel and Ross debate of is it okay because they were “on a break”? According to him they were broken up, but were they? From her point of view, it was cheating.

      Yeah he fessed up and talked about how she was the one for him and how tormented he was and how much he loved her. Threw a bunch of stupid idioms at her that made no sense. But somehow in less than a month after they stop talking in July, he’s already over at someone else’s house. They didn’t “officially” break up until 7/10 according to his timeline, one day before filming wrapped up with Gulinazha. He obviously already had intentions to go after her. All that BS he said in his recording meant nothing. Maybe he didn’t sleep with anyone before they broke up this time but guy was already emotionally out and ready to move onto his target.

      Poor Gulinazha probably unknowingly got dragged into this mess because of this playboy. I believe her innocent until proven guilty.

      Honestly, I don’t really care about actor and actresses messy personal lives. I think he’s a lying sack of potatoes in real life to these women. If he was still a good actor, I probably wouldn’t cancel him. But I never watched anything with him in it. I tried watching A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College for Zhao Lusi (I generally like dramas she picks), but dropped this one pretty early on. I didn’t really feel the chemistry between them two and she normally has chemistry with everyone.

      1. @Jia thank you for the clarification. The only reason why I’m sticking up for him is because he could’ve kept the whole sleeping with the other woman a secret. He didn’t need to tell her, but he came clean. And sleeping with other people while on a break/breakup isn’t cheating IMO unless there was prior agreement between both parties that they won’t sleep with other people during this break. And with how often they broke up and reconciled in just a few months, meant their relationship was hanging by a thin thread. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did fall for his other costar during this filming period, when his romantic life is in tatters – easy distractions.

        I can’t be called his fan because I think he lacks chemistry with his costars (exactly like you said – in that drama with ZLS.) The one drama he got a huge break in, he was an obsessed lunatic, so I couldn’t get into it either. I think he was okay in that drama with Yang Mi and William Chan but the storyline was just subpar. So I’m not standing up for him because I like him. I just think someone who comes clean deserves some credit.

        1. @Jia is the love contract really something he implied was stipulated in his contract? I thought it was something more personal, ’cause the story doesn’t add up.

          When ZTA said you slept with the other woman, is that why you have the love contract? Because you were afraid of retaliation? I took it as he gave her love contract after reconciling to protect himself in case that 3rd party decides to retaliate against him if they go public with their relationship.

          1. @coralie, yes. I listened to the audio she posted. The article up there words it kind of confusing but she blatantly asked him, so it’s not because of your company’s contact, so it’s not because they’re afraid going public will impact your popularity or that your fans won’t like you anymore. No love contract between the two. He doesn’t want to go public with the relationship because if he does, he’s afraid that cheating incident will come to light. Netizens are constantly outting celebrities today. The fear is that if they go public, the girl or someone else that knows of the situation will be like “XKC slept with me/my gf while he was still in a complicated relationship with ZTA.” The reason I’m not sticking up for him is because in the audio, he’s saying all these things like “I can never leave you.” “I’m writing in my diary every day because even if we break up, I want to complete all these things that we said we’d do together.” “I know I really love you.” “I know you’re the right person” yet he turns around and is caught at another woman’s house less than a month from their official breakup. I admit mistakes happen, and maybe the first incident is forgivable. He probably had to come clean for all we know because she wanted to go public on her own accord like you said in your first post that she can do on her own. Maybe you’re right and he came clean out of his own conscience, I don’t know. But the man is definitely weak and selfish (his own words). He basically just didn’t want to ruin his career. But hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Career likely ruined in China, where cancel culture is next level.

          2. @Jia the way the conversation was recorded was awkward and felt sort of premeditative….

            I assume he told her they can’t disclose their relationship due to his love contract clause (a lie), but then after sleeping with someone else, now he has even more reasons not to disclose their relationship. Then she pressed in on the love clause – so you can’t disclose our relationship not due to love clause, but because of this 3rd party? Like, if she knew about the clause already in which he couldn’t publicize their relationship, he has even less reasons now to do so. But she still brought it up, like isn’t that redundant? Premeditative?

            I’m not saying he’s a saint, he’s not. He shouldn’t have lied about the contract clause, he should’ve fessed up that he just didn’t want to publicize his relationship status. He basically told her he’s weak and can’t resist seductions.

            I can understand why she took him back after his confession – he had an excuse (his male friends hosted a party that he went to), got drunk, and then slept with a 3rd party during their “break.” That doesn’t mean he would do this if they were not on break. And he confessed after. What’s not forgivable is the lie about the love clause. His whole tirade about loving her, etc, could be very well truthful in the moment, but he’s an eligible bachelor and the dude wants to sow his wild oats. It’s nauseous to be told meaningful words and have it be meaningless just a few weeks down the line.

            As reddit would say, everyone sucks here and no one’s the winner.

          3. @coralie, I totally agree. The recording was definitely premeditated. She’s definitely out to ruin him purely for revenge. But it seems (maybe secretly) recording conversations is so common. These celebrities really need to be on their best behavior lest they be caught in compromising circumstances like this. I don’t care if he gets canceled. It’s his personal life. But knowing Chinese netizens, they don’t really tolerate bad behavior well. Asian entertainment in general expect celebrities to be unrealistically perfect role models. Also, not sure how good he was in Novoland Pearl Eclipse, I thought it was his partner that got most of the acting praise. I didn’t watch it because I can’t watch anything with William Chan in it. His acting skills is the equivalent of a brick wall.

  3. Several things:
    1) apparently xu kaicheng broke up with zhang tianai before he went and slept with someone else
    2) they got back together shortly, but broke up again because he felt guilty over what happened
    3) love contract was brought up to prevent her from disclosing their relationship in the event that the girl he slept with will want to retaliate
    4) he kept saying he’s weak and can’t protect ZTA
    5) and they’ve been reconciling and breaking up in between all this mess.

    My question lies with the love contract. Was it requested before he slept with the girl? Or was it only after. And what does he mean when he said he’s weak? Weak with women?

    Gulinazha is maybe getting courted by XKC post breaking up with ZTA. So she got dragged into this mess.

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