Roger Kwok Warns Tissues are Needed for the Remaining Episodes

TVB’s “Big White Duel 2” (白色強人II) is coming to an end this week. The recent episodes have been heavy with Roger Kwok’s (郭晉安) character, “YT”, being terminally ill as he is suffering from tumors in the brain. Despite his prognosis, “YT” is still working hard to pushing for an open drug formulary. Many fans have been worried if “YT” will make it through the “gates of hell”.

In a recent promotional event, a viewer of the series started crying while talking about the storyline. Roger Kwok consoled viewers saying, “I can only urge everyone not to get too invested into it, however, these few episodes will really need to prepare tissues!”

It’s said in the upcoming episodes, “YT” will be traveling with “Dr. Ip Ching” (Nancy Wu), to attend the WHO conference. “YT” will rely on his mental strength to support his work during the day, while he greats treated by “Dr. Ip Ching” with chemotherapy when they return to the hotel. Afterwards, he lets his girlfriend, “Dr. Lui Ngoi Ling” (Kelly Cheung), to operate on his brain tumor. There is a point during the surgery where “YT’s” heartbeat stops and his survival is unknown.

Credit:, Roger Kwok IG