YUE HUA Reveals Members of New Boy Group, BOYHOOD

YUE HUA Entertainment has unveiled a new boy group. The news about the group was first talked about on August 26 when they were seen recording for YOUKU’s new music show, “Rising Land”. On August 31, YUE HUA confirmed they were debuting a new boy group with a teaser.

On September 1, the group’s name, BOYHOOD, was revealed and the three members were introduced the next day.

Liang Shiyu (梁诗煜)

Yin Junlan (尹俊岚)

Jiang Xinxi (江信熹)

Jiang Xinxi has already debuted as an actor in the series, “My Honey” (我的二分之一男友), alongside his label mate, NAME’s Aria Jin Zihan.

On September 3, the remaining three members were announced:

Guo Dianjia (郭殿甲)

Guo Dianjia was part of YUE HUA’s 2017 group, YHBOYS. He was born on August 9, 2004.

Wang Muqing (汪穆清)

Chen Xinhao (陈鑫昊)

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)

4 thoughts on “YUE HUA Reveals Members of New Boy Group, BOYHOOD

  1. Hmmm another boy group that has a very low chance of breaking into the western market and that’s probably just gonna be active for 1 yr and couple of months and then be on hiatus and then release solo songs just like (NEX7, Nine Percent,The Nine, etc)…cause (in random order)
    1.the chinese entertainment market is HUGE and they have their own versions of international streaming services and music platforms
    2. Good old Sinophobia
    3. Yuehua’ management….
    4. No access to YouTube and international streaming services
    5. Kpop overshadowing cpop

    1. I don’t think Yuehua has any intention of making an international group. Like you said, the Chinese entertainment market is big enough to make Yuehua money. Lets be honest, all these agencies just care about fast money.

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