Doctors Say Injured MIRROR Dancer, Mo, Only Has 5% Probability of Recovering Full Mobility

It has been over 39 days since dancer, Mo (李啟言 Li Kai-yin), suffered severe injuries when a huge LED screen fell on him at MIRROR’s concert. After being operated on, Mo finally regained consciousness on August 7. However, he sustained injuries to his cervical vertebrae and brain that leaves him bedridden. Mo’s father, Pastor Derek Li Shing-lam, has been updating the public about his son’s condition through prayer letters.

On September 4, Pastor Lee issued his 6th prayer letter asking the public to continue praying for Mo. While Pastor Lee remained optimistic saying that Mo is still alive despite being severely injured, he revealed the doctors’ latest prognosis on his condition.

Pastor Lee wrote, “After the Chinese and Western doctors completed their evaluation a month after the incident occurred, the doctors said there is 95% probability he won’t completely recover. We can only hope God can continue to heal. Next week, we will try acupuncture. However, the Chinese doctors don’t have absolute certainty Kai-yin (Mo) can completely recover.”

In addition, Pastor Lee also revealed Mo is still dependent on a ventilator to help with breathing. He revealed Mo needs to wear a neck brace for long term and it causes his pain to the back of his head. He also overly focuses on his breathing, which also affects his sleeping. Pastor Lee also hopes the Hong Kong government’s special investigation unit can clearly find out the cause of this accident and handle it accordingly.

Mo’s girlfriend, girl group COLLAR’s So Ching, has expressed her support for him since day 1 and continues to pray for him. She recently posted rallying support for the public to keep Mo in their prayers.

Credit: hk01, Mo IG

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