Yida Huang and Zhu Jiaqi Eliminated After Second Performance on “Call Me By Fire 2”

The second performance was held in the fifth episode of “Call Me By Fire 2” (披荆斩棘2). Alex To’s (杜德偉) group consisted of himself, Fan Shiqi (范世琦), and Zhu Jiaqi (朱嘉琦). They performed an 80’s remix of PINK’s “Just Like Fire”. Alex To formed an alliance with Zheng Jun’s group, which consisted of Zheng Jun (郑钧), Shin (信), Hao Yun (郝云), Ma Di (马頔), Hawick Lau (刘恺威), and Yida Huang (黄义达).

L to R: Zhu Jiaqi, Alex To, and Fan Shiqi

However, Alex To and Zheng Jun’s alliance finished in fourth place, which meant two members were getting eliminated. In the end, Yida Huang and Zhu Jiaqi were eliminated as they finished in 29th (53 points) and 30th (51 points) place respectively, in the “most favorite” ranking list.

From first to last place:

  1. Chilam Cheung
  2. Alec Su
  3. Jordan Chan
  4. Richie Ren
  5. Nathan Lee
  6. Shin
  7. Chang Chen-yue
  8. Wilber Pan
  9. Kenji Wu
  10. Vanness Wu
  11. Zheng Jun
  12. Pakho Chau
  13. Raymond Lam
  14. Zhang Yunlong
  15. Ren Ke
  16. Alex To
  17. Mike Angelo
  18. Fan Shiqi
  19. Mike Tsang
  20. Talu Wang
  21. ICE
  22. Ron Ng
  23. Ma Di
  24. Cai Heng
  25. Hao Yun
  26. Hawick Lau
  27. Jin Han
  28. Zhang Junning
  29. Yida Huang
  30. Zhu Jiaqi

Alex To felt particularly bad and teared at the end when it was announced who was being eliminated. He was also praised by netizens for his professionalism as he chose to continue performing by eating pain killers first after the doctor diagnosed him with bone spurs in his heel and recommended him to have surgery to get rid of it.

Prior to Yida Huang, Zhu Jiaqi’s second round eliminated, Deric Wan and Alen Fang, were eliminated after the first performance.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)