Zhao Lusi Says Her Career Hasn’t Always Been a Smooth Journey

Zhao Lusi (赵露思) is one of China’s rising actresses from her generation. She rose to mainstream fame in the 2020 series, “The Romance of Tiger and Rose”. Since then, she has been getting S-tier projects and starring alongside other top celebrities like Dilraba, Yang Yang, Leo Wu, and more. Her latest series, “Love Like the Galaxy” (星汉灿烂·月升沧海), with Leo Wu Lei, was a hit domestically and with international audiences. However, while it may seem like she rose to stardom overnight, Zhao Lusi reveals her career hasn’t always been a smooth journey.

In a recent interview with China News, Zhao Lusi recounted her debut 5 years ago to now and the hardships she endured. She revealed how she used to go to several film crews to give her resume for a chance to audition and also months where she couldn’t get casted — “It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for me up to now, but my family has always supported me. They don’t pressure me so I wasn’t feeling especially lost.”

When talking about “Love Like the Galaxy”, Zhao Lusi revealed she was approached by the production team and fell in love with the series after reading the script. She didn’t know the author of the original novel had mentioned her name in the novel, so she thought it was fate. As for getting good praise for the crying scenes in the series and whether she took any classes, Zhao Lusi said, “I am a professionally trained actor and didn’t take any special classes to train crying scenes. Maybe because I’ve always been able to empathize with the characters. In fact, I’ve filmed many series and have accumulated some experience.”

After filming wrapped up for “Hou Lang” (后浪), Zhao Lusi a took a break before she started filming for her current series, “偷偷藏不住” (lit. Can’t Secretly Hide)”. She explained “Love Like the Galaxy” was the longest series she has filmed so far, so she gave herself a mini vacation, which was also the longest one she had since her debut.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

9 thoughts on “Zhao Lusi Says Her Career Hasn’t Always Been a Smooth Journey

  1. Unless one is her, or have been in her shoes, knows precisely her ups and downs, then one is qualified to judge her as laughable or not. None of us knows her at all, and only know her works, so none of us are deemed fit to judge her at all. In any case, i believe one has to show certain respect for others sharing their experience, be it good or bad. I think that is basic courtesy. No one person has the same experience, some actors may take decades before they become a household name, some may take shorter time. Some have it hard, some have it easier, it does not mean the ones who have it easier are laughable or their experiences less precious than ones who have it harder. She said that in an interview, so it means she was asked to share. She did not just share that in her social media account to gain sympathy.

  2. It takes time and years of experience to be an actor…luck put into it as well. Majority of people who go into any entertainment profession struggles. Her story is quite common. I am happy she was able to experience the hard work that was put into becoming an actress because it did pay off, she finally acquired haters and lovers. LOL

  3. She’s hardworking. But for someone to rise so quickly in 5 years, I would consider that to be quick. It’s easier for that to happen now with so much social media and promotion.

      1. Why I should be? I am not an Chinese actress.
        It is laughable to complain abt struggles, having 13 FL roles in 5 years. Many other actresses didn’t have such a luck and smooth sailing. Just sayin.

        1. When did she complain about her struggles? She was just saying it wasn’t always smooth sailing for her career. Its true, the same is for everyone in this type of profession. I find it funny when people think its laughable when any person is working hard to achieve their goals. At least they getting closer to it then people who are just laughing.

          1. It wasn’t always smooth sailing is a complain abt struggles. Bcs it always was smooth sailing for her. If you think otherwise you are for sure don’t know anything abt not so smooth sailing in Cdramaland or what real struggles is in this industry. That’s it.

        2. @ilonalere

          Take care your comments sounds suspiciously like jealousy. To be able to gain success and become a household name after 5 years does not mean it was handed to her on a silver platter. It merely means she was somewhat lucky that her hardwork paid off in such a competitive situation industry. I won’t say that she wasn’t fortunate, as there are many who had the same opportunity as she had, but never got their work recognized. But I would agree with her that it is not easy. Acting, by it’s very nature, is hard work, and for her to get the opportunities she has had, it couldn’t have been smooth sailing all the way. Fortunately she is a very talented, empathetic actress who improves with each project, and the camera loves her. No need to be jealous, just celebrate her success.

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