Netizens Accuse Linda Chung of Being Two-Faced, Always Looking Unhappy, and Refusing Picture Requests

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) has always had an image of being the “girl next door”. Even though she lives in Vancouver now and is currently nursing her third pregnancy, she still gets recognized and approached by locals.

A netizen recently shared her experience running into Linda Chung in Vancouver. She said Linda Chung looked really pretty in person and looked better than online pictures. She greeted her and Linda Chung nodded her head and waved back in response. As the person with Linda Chung was rushing her to leave, the netizen didn’t ask for a picture. She surmised Linda Chung was in a hurry to pick up her children. However, after this netizen posted her experience, it was flooded with different comments. Someone said that Linda Chung doesn’t like taking pictures when people run into her and that many people were rejected when they asked for one.

However, there were netizens who said things against Linda Chung like, “She is two-faced in front of people and when in private.”, “She fakes the approachable image you see on TV.”, “Her attitude is bad.”, and more. There were also netizens who defended Linda Chung saying that celebrities not wanting to take pictures in their private time is normal and that she has a right to refuse.

One netizen claiming to be live in the same neighborhood backin Tseung Kwan O said Linda Chung would turn her face whenever they saw her and said she seemed unfriendly. Another netizen claiming to be her next door neighbor said, “We would go back up to the apartment together. She walked behind me and would make noises blaming me for walking too slow and blocking her.”

A netizen claiming to be a behind the scenes worker in the industry said Linda Chung is only friendly to certain people and has bad character: “She’s known for treating us low level workers bad. All industry people know this.”. Another person said, “She’s really fake. She changes in one second and is really impolite and has bad character.” However, there were netizens who questioned the validity of these claims and felt it was slandering and cyber bullying Linda Chung.

Credit: hk01, Linda Chung IG