Eric Tsang Says He Didn’t Know the Malaysian Model, Lebara, He Kissed at Her Birthday Party

On September 30, a Malaysian model by the name of Lebara (黎峇菈), posted a video of her birthday party attended by Eric Tsang (曾志偉). After they sang happy birthday to her, Eric Tsang is seen coming over to Lebara and said he received a message saying they hope they can to blow out the candles with “Prize Master”, which is Eric Tsang’s moniker from his variety show, “Super Trio”. Eric Tsang had his his hand on Lebara’s shoulder and after they blow out the candles, Eric Tsang gives Lebara a kiss on the cheek.

In Lebara’s caption, she said, “I got to blow out the candles with the ‘Prize Master’ this year and he wished me a happy birthday. My wish this year is for world peace and for there to be no hatred.”

The news about the birthday dinner didn’t go viral until two days later. Eric Tsang was asked by reporters about the kiss when he attended the finals for “STARS Academy 2”. Eric Tsang explained, “Don’t think it’s a big deal at all. Only need to avoid it if you have dirt on you. That night, I was at a friends gathering for caviar taste testing. After we finished the caviar tasting, a friend knew we were there so they brought a few friends over and said, ‘It’s my friend’s birthday. Her birthday wish is that you help sing happy birthday and cut the birthday cake together.’ Well, this is being polite. After I finished singing happy birthday, kissing her cheek is also being polite. So I don’t think this is such a big deal. Once I woke up today, a lot of people called me. I thought something happened. It was only this. So I had to come out and say something to everybody.”

Eric Tsang reiterated a third time that, “It’s being polite. I feel like the birthday kiss was just a slight touch. This is common courtesy. We’ve done the same wishes for friends’ birthdays! Also, we have a habit of not posting it on Facebook. I really don’t think it’s such a big deal. I am also an artist. When someone asks you to sing happy birthday, it actually happens all the time. When we go to birthday parties or weddings, people will always call us up on stage to sing together. I think it’s very trivial.”

He also said he has done this with reporters he was familiar with and that they were even more intimate in the past.

Due to the misunderstanding, Eric Tsang also wanted to apologize to everyone that was impacted. When asked if he knew Lebara, Eric Tsang said, “I don’t know her. But everyone needs to know, things that happen in the entertainment industry cannot be uploaded to social media. Maybe she didn’t know how harmful it could be!” On whether he felt he was being used, Eric Tsang said, “Well I am person in the limelight! I’m used to seeing these situations.”

Lebara is said to be 26 this year. She stands at 180cm and is signed to NOW Models. She has taken pictures with several celebrities before like Hins Cheung, Natalis Chan, Benjamin Yuen, and more.

Credit: hk01,, Lebara IG