Taiwanese Singer, Eric Chou, Proposes to Former News Anchor Girlfriend, Dacie Chao

Taiwanese singer-songwriter, Eric Chou (周興哲), revealed he had successfully proposed to his former news anchor girlfriend, Dacie Chao (趙岱新). On October 10, Eric Chou posted a picture with Dacie Chao wearing a ring and said, “Forever and ever.”

The engagement was confirmed by Eric Chou’s manager, who said, “When they were traveling to Europe, he planned a proposal on the balcony. The both of them are still working hard for their career, but he proposed first. The timing of the wedding is still being planned. There won’t be any plans this year.”

Eric Chou’s manager revealed the couple had marriage in mind already, but Eric Chou had planned the proposal for months already. Eric Chou had specially asked a friend to help design a 2 carat diamond ring. He had set up the whole proposal scene on the balcony with only him and Dacie Chao present. It’s said Dacie Chao cried at the scene.

In 2019, Eric Chou, who is 27 this year and 6 years Dacie Chao’s junior, admitted he had been dating Dacie Chao since March 2018. However, they broke up a year later. In 2021, Eric Chou and Dacie Chao reconciled.

Eric Chou revealed the proposal setting was private and had romantic music playing while he nervously kneeled on one knee. He had prepared a lot of words to say during the proposal, but he realized he would choke up and cry the more he said. So he had to compose himself and at the end, he kept it simple and said “I love you”. Eric Chou originally considered an outdoors proposal, but explained that it wasn’t his personality to do that: “I’m afraid people would be watching and I’d get embarrassed and shy.”

Credit: ETtoday (1, 2, 3)