Alec Su Crowned as Champion of “Call Me By Fire 2”

MangoTV’s “Call Me By Fire 2” (披荆斩棘2) aired its finale on November 4. Alec Su took home the crown as this season’s champion with 246 points. Jordan Chan is this year’s X-LEADER. Wilber Pan is this year’s X-MAN. Alec Su, Chilam Cheung, and Vanness Wu are this year’s X-FIRE.

The brothers were ranked based on the favorite index accordingly: Alec Su, Vanness Wu, Chilam Cheung, Jordan Chan, Wilber Pan, Nathan Lee, Zheng Jun, Raymond Lam, Shin, Chang Chen-yue, Richie Ren, Fan Shiqi, Pakho Chau, Leon Zhang Yunlong, Kenji Wu, ICE, Ren Ke, Alex To, Mike Angelo, Ma Di, Mike Tsang, and Ron Ng.

The 17 member “boy band” to debut includes: Alex To, Richie Ren, Jordan Chan, Zheng Jun, Shin, Chilam Cheung, Alec Su, Chang Chen-yue, Vanness Wu, Kenji Wu, Raymond Lam, Wilber Pan, Nathan Lee, Pakho Chau, Leon Zhang Yunlong, Fan Shiqi, and ICE.

During Nathan Lee’s speech, he thanked his wife Qi Wei, mother-in-law, his daughter, Lucky, and his new born son, whose name he revealed is Seven. Qi Wei’s nickname is “Qi (7)-ge)” and “7v”, which sounds like Qi Wei.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)