Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong Announce Engagement on New Year’s Day

After much rumors and incessant asking from the public, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), have tied the knot. On New Year’s Day, Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong both posted a picture of their plushies with a big diamond ring on the unicorn’s horn. The unicorn and horse plushies were first used when Roxanne Tong and Kenneth Ma announced their relationship on Instagram back on June 13, 2020.

On Kenneth Ma’s post, he included a horse, unicorn, and a ring with a black heart in the caption. He also wrote “#forever” and tagged Roxanne Tong.

On Roxanne Tong’s post, she wrote the new year’s date and “13:14”, which means forever in Chinese. She also wrote, “#1plus1, #forever”, “engaged”, and tagged Kenneth ma.

Hong Kong media outlet, Oriental Daily News, reached out to the couple about the proposal and Kenneth Ma said, “It was simple…”. As for the wedding details, Roxanne Tong said they don’t have anything planned and thought about announcing it first then start planning. She also said, “I am very happy, but the [proposal] didn’t happen in the past few days. I will save the details for my own memories.”

When asked if there was also a baby announcement, Roxanne Tong immediately refuted, “Of course not!”.

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