Wang Xiaofei’s Mother Calls His Girlfriend, Zhang Yingying, “A Scheming Woman”, while Zhang Yingying Said She Tried to Break Up with Wang Xiaofei Multiple Times

Just when things seemed to simmer down between Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) and Barbie Hsu and their respective mothers, new drama has been brewing among Wang Xiaofei’s mother, Zhang Lan (张兰), and his girlfriend, Zhang Yingying (张颖颖).

Since Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying’s relationship went public back in November 2022, Zhang Lan has been unhappy with her son’s new girlfriend and has publicly vilified her by calling her, “calculating, threatening, profiting from others without earning it, like a parasite.” She also said Zhang Yingying cheated her to hike up and faked being her fan to take a picture with her.

On January 16, a previous video of Zhang Yingying’s clip crying and saying, “Why do I have to bear all these things? Why? I don’t understand!”. Netizens discovered Zhang Lan had commented on the clip, saying, “Just because you are a scheming woman”.

After Zhang Lan’s clip went viral, Zhang Yingying made another post calling out Zhang Lan saying she has never badmouthed her one word and felt like she is being forced to stand up. Zhang Yingying also said, “Really don’t know whether you truly love your son or if you’re just trying to gain clout yelling at everyone everyday. Who hasn’t been yelled at by you in the past? You forgot about the audio message you sent me calling me baby, telling me to care more about Xiaofei and to take care of him? There are records for everything…don’t force me.”

Zhang Yingying responded to a netizen’s comments saying that she had initiated breaking up with Wang Xiaofei on multiple occasions. The last time she initiated it was when he got into trouble that scared her because he lost control of his emotions and said it was very scary. Zhang Yingying said Wang Xiaofei refused to break up even up til yesterday and that he went to her home and barged in the middle of the night.

In a now deleted post that seemingly announced her break up with Wang Xiaofei, Zhang Yingying wrote, “Thank you for your cowardly love. I cannot bear such a heavy burden. Listen to your mom’s words well. Loved deeply, hated deeply. I don’t hate anymore, it’s all fated.” Zhang Yingying also posted a bunch of screenshots of her chats with Wang Xiaofei showing him constantly sending her messages. Her contact name for Wang Xiaofei is also saved as “clingy/bothersome person!!!”.

Wang Xiaofei referred to himself as Zhang Yingying’s husband, saying, “You are the woman I love the most.” and “You are my only baby.”. Wang Xiaofei also expressed he wanted to marry her, gave her a big diamond ring, and have a lot kids with her.

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5 thoughts on “Wang Xiaofei’s Mother Calls His Girlfriend, Zhang Yingying, “A Scheming Woman”, while Zhang Yingying Said She Tried to Break Up with Wang Xiaofei Multiple Times

  1. It doesn’t sound like he cheated on her. But he’s definitely immature. It sounds like he gets high off of the drama of the relationship, typical high school theatrics. And the girl – nobody’s stopping her from really leaving if she wanted to do it. I get battered woman syndrome and I get that emotionally abused women have a hard time leaving, but still. If she really wanted to leave, there’s a way. What’s with all this online ranting and nonsense.

    1. Yes you are correct. If she wanted to leave she can, but did you know this is REALLY HARD because the CHEMISTRY ALREADY There between them two. How you break it when you are suck in this CHEMISTRY. I believe she can but it will takes time. If you have not had an relationship, you won’t know what’s feel like. I was like her in my teen, lucky I did it, but thinking back it still haunted me.

      1. She’s not a teenager anymore, though. I’m sure she’s had her share of relationships before this one. After going through one bad relationship, every woman should have some idea of what a bad relationship looks like and create healthy boundaries.

        She sounds like she does know, which is why she asked to break up many times, but he still latched onto her. She’s allowing herself to get caught in his web. Someone so emotionally volatile like he is needs professional help. She can’t do that for him.

        If she’s posting these online rants in hopes of having him leave her willingly, then okay. But it sounds to me like she wants to stay.

        1. Thanks for telling me, because I am not their fan and I know nothing about them. I thought she is the victim so I gave her advice. For me I have been staying Single for a very long time and staying away from bad guys until I can find a good guy but good guys always being taken. 😆 After Dumped my F..ex, It gave me my normal life back and I had many good friends to supported me. I went back to study and concentrate and passed all exams. I love my Certificates and Diploma, I got many now. Life been good. She should learn from her mistakes. EVERY GIRL SHOULD LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES! Being a show-off person doesn’t make you looks good. People can tell by your behavior, this goes to every boys and girls , and every men and women!

  2. This is horrible! It happened everywhere! I am sorry for (yingying) I had been thru this path of Hell. When he got another B* just dump him immediately . Don’t listen to his Rubbish, even he marrying you, he won’t changed. His ego cannot changed. Move on girl. I did it, you can too. Cheaters are not worth it, they’re history! My ex are HISTORY AND WILL SURELY GO TO ANOTHER PLANET CALLED “HELL” WHEN HIS LIFE IS OVER!
    May God bless you and find a good man for you and me too, who will forever love us. Girls be strong 💪!

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