Malaysian Singer, Namewee, Calls Out “Love the Motherland” Male Artist for Forcing Himself on His Friend

Content Warning: The following content may contain references to date rape, drugging, rape, and/or sexual assault.

On January 14, Malaysian singer, Namewee (黃明志), who is based in Taiwan, uploaded an IG story, calling out a male artist, who is known for expressing his “love for the motherland”, for forcing himself on his friend, refusing to wear a condom, and ej*culating inside of her. Namewee described his friend is a young female fan of this male artist’s “who just wanted to see him from a close distance and somehow this male artist ended up taking off her pants”. He said, “She didn’t have much feelings and protection wasn’t even prepared and in the end, you finished inside her in 2 minutes. Then you immediately zipped up your pants and ran inside the room saying you’re afraid someone will see. What the f*ck is that?”

Namewee continued to say, “If this matter of yours was caught by your motherland, prepare to be roommates with “Toothpick”. Let’s see if you still love the motherland then.” While he didn’t name who this “Toothpick” is, this was a nickname tied to the now incarcerated, Kris Wu, stemming from his whistleblower’s confession, Du Meizhu. He went on to say this male artist was willing to sell out his place of birth for money and is always making “On9” comments, including the Cantonese curse, “DLLM”.

He also included the hashtag, “It’s not that it won’t be reported, it’s not time yet.”

Credit: hk01, Namewee IG

9 thoughts on “Malaysian Singer, Namewee, Calls Out “Love the Motherland” Male Artist for Forcing Himself on His Friend

  1. Not good, I thought of JW as well…after all the scandals from Korea to China in recent years, there isn’t one celebrity I don’t question in any industry.

  2. Rape is a serious allegation. From the description, of ‘loving the motherland’ and ‘promoting in Thailand’ it is most likely Jackson Wang. Let’s wait to see how the story develops. Although I love JW a lot, I must admit that the accusation could possibly be true. Jackson himself admitted that he had been hitting the bottle a lot to deal with his emptiness and depression. And God only knows how much control one has when one is drunk. Still I would encourage the girl to come forward to report this and not let the rapist get away with this. And not let innocent people suffer from speculations. Fame is not an excuse to get away with crimes.

  3. Oh no, my mind immediately went to JW as well, I hope not but it would make sense considering the details from the IG post and the news from the UK show, but I really hope it’s not him.

  4. Rapists wil ended up in JAIL FOR LIFE!! DON’T BE A CLEVER COWARD , ALL YOUNG GUYS OUT THERE! The World is watching ! You will only hurt the one who gave birth to YOU. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOUR STUPID ACTION! I am giving you advice, be good!

    1. I read about this a week ago…and there was no mention of the Love of Motherland then. It mentioned he was active in Thailand which we know JW was active there. Now this is a new comment on Love of Motherland. I too feeel it is pointing at JW… If so…this is so dirty.

      1. It will really disappoint me if it turns out it’s him. I like JW because he seems like an upright person, even if he’s flamboyant with his behavior at times.

        1. I know what you mean…. But his newish video of Loving to Smoke did surprise me and made me wonder if he is as clean cut as he looks on China TV…but I did not expect for it to be this extreme.. there must be another side to stories…

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