YUE HUA Entertainment CEO, Du Hua, Says Wang Yibo Can’t Be Copied

YUE HUA Entertainment founder and CEO, Du Hua (杜华), recently gave an interview talking about Wang Yibo (王一博), who is now a shareholder of the company. Du Hua candidly admitted that Wang Yibo can’t be copied nor will they try to replicate him. She also said that in the future, there won’t be anymore “top traffic flow celebrities”.

Wang Yibo rose to A-list celebrity stardom in 2019 after starring in “The Untamed”. Aside from his acting accolades and achievements, Wang Yibo’s financial contributions has been what some fans and netizens call “single-handedly supporting YUE HUA”. When YUE HUA Entertainment went public on the Hong Kong stock exchange and Wang Yibo was announced as one of the shareholders, it was reported Wang Yibo’s income had accounted for 59% of YUE HUA’s reported revenue of 739 million RMB for the first three quarters of 2022. From 2019-2021, Wang Yibo’s income had already accounted for 16.8%, 36.7%, and 49.5%, respectively, of YUE HUA’s revenue from the same period.

Du Hua also declared that YUE HUA needed to develop more diversified management styles when it comes to artist management and allowing them more artistic freedom. While Du Hua has been quite successful with managing talent and churning out various trainees and idol groups, she admitted that if she were to start a new business venture now, she might not choose the path of developing trainees. Du Hua explained, “The time [it takes] is too long. I might choose a bigger course — like beauty and makeup.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

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