Miss Hong Kong 2022 First Runner Up, Cecca Xu, Rumored She Wants to Terminate Contract with TVB

Miss Hong Kong 2022 First Runner Up, Cecca Xu (許子萱), was one of last year’s hot favorites to win the crown due to her impressive background. So when Cecca Xu was announced as the first runner up, netizens said she seemed unhappy and had a scowl on her face. Cecca Xu denied she was unhappy and said she was quite happy to get first runner up and serve as Miss Hong Kong. However, on February 5, there were rumors Cecca Xu wanted to terminate her contract with TVB.

Cecca Xu has been missing from recent special events that Miss Hong Kong winner, Denice Lam (林鈺洧), second runner up, Joey Leung (梁超怡), and Miss Friendship, Sharon Ying (邢慧敏), have attended. Her last event was the TVB Anniversary Gala Show from November 2022. There were rumors that Cecca Xu couldn’t handle the stress from the entertainment industry and relied on traveling to relive stress. Cecca Xu reportedly discussed with TVB about terminating her contract. TVB allowed her to miss events and only had to attend the new Miss Hong Kong pageant coronation to avoid the same situation when someone else had to replace Miss Hong Kong 2008, Edelwiss Cheung, to crown the new winner.

However, it’s said that Cecca Xu already made up her mind to leave. There are rumors Cecca Xu had been looking for work in mainland China. TVB reportedly respected her decision and only required her to show up for lucrative work events requiring her presence.

Netizens had recently left comments on Cecca Xu’s social media accounts asking her why she was missing from events where the three other Miss Hong Kong winners were present. There were even netizens who criticized Cecca Xu for having poor work attitude, saying, “Bad attitude! TVB was right for not crowing you the winner!” Cecca Xu responded, “Haters aren’t welcomed here. If you don’t like it, you can get lost!”.

At a recent event, Denice Lam, explained that Cecca Xu was traveling, which was why she was missing from the events. A person claiming to be Cecca Xu’s good friend claimed Cecca Xu was focused on writing her second book and had asked TVB for a leave of absence. Cecca Xu hasn’t responded to the rumors. TVB’s marketing division also said TVB hasn’t received any requests from Cecca Xu.

Credit: hk.on.cc, IG (1, 2)

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