Arthur Chen Feiyu’s Studio Takes Legal Action After More Rumors Circulate about Him Being a “Male Mistress”, Having Indecent Relations with a Make Up Artist, and More

More news and rumors surfaced after Arthur Chen Feiyu’s (陈飞宇) intimate photo scandal with a married internet celebrity. After Chen Feiyu’s studio clarified their artist and internet celebrity, “It’s Yilin Ah”, were both single during their relationship, there was a recording seemingly of Chen Feiyu’s staff members saying he was constantly being blackmailed with those photos and was set up from the start.

Following that clip, there were rumors circulating that Chen Feiyu is a “male mistress”, “had a long term suite at a hotel in Shanghai”, “indecent relations with a female make up artist”, “concubine selection”, “abortion”, and more. There were also indecent pictures that were not of Chen Feiyu, but were circulating that it was him.

Chen Feiyu’s studio issued another statement on February 15 saying those rumors have already seriously hurt his reputation and are severely defamatory. They also named 10 netizens they are taking legal action against for making defamatory statements.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)