Steven Zhang Xincheng’s Official Fanclub Denies Rumors He is Dating Landy Li and Traveled to Thailand Together

On February 27, there were rumors Steven Zhang Xincheng (张新成) and Li Landi (李兰迪) recently traveled to Thailand together, sparking rumors they might be dating. There were a few clues that netizens claimed they might be dating:

  1. Netizens claim Zhang Xincheng and Li Landi were vacationing in Thailand together in mid February based on her haircut.
  2. During the livestream for “The Starry Love (星落凝成糖)” that took place on February 16, netizens were able to pinpoint she was in Thailand based on the logo of a Thai gas station in the background.
  3. Li Landi’s new year’s gift box this year included Zhang Xingcheng’s skincare brand that he endorsed.
  4. Last year, there were speculation Zhang Xincheng and Li Landi traveled together based on similar backgrounds.

Zhang Xincheng and Li Landi starred in the 2017 series, “My Huckleberry Friends (你好旧时光)”. In October 2018, Zhang Xincheng and Li Landi were already rumored to be dating when a netizen encountered them eating together and Li Landi was seemingly hugging Zhang Xingcheng from the back.

Then, there were rumors Zhang Xincheng cheated on singer and actress, Wang Yijin, with Li Landi. On February 27, Zhang Xincheng’s Official Fanclub refuted the rumors and said, “The internet is not a lawless place.”

Zhang Xincheng and Li Landi’s teams haven’t addressed the rumors.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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